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As the world begins to shift toward even more online streaming services, consumers are looking for ways to improve their overall viewing experience so they aren’t just watching on their laptops or mobile devices. With a digital projector, you and your family can experience a plethora of benefits that it offers. 


Watching the latest popular shows and movies on a digital projector in the comfort of your own home is no longer a thing of the past. Revelation Services® provides homeowners and commercial businesses throughout the Northern VA area with a range of home theater installation services, including digital projector installation and mounting. Our team is highly trained to take your preferences and budget into account before installing your new home theater into your home. 


To give you a better idea of how a digital projector will benefit you, we have provided four major reasons below for your consideration: 

Custom Screen Size

When you place a large screen television next to a digital projector, you will notice that the capabilities of a digital projector are on a completely different level. Digital projectors allow you to adjust it according to your needs, as you can display an image on any surface and increase the screen size to your desired preference. 

Enhanced Eye Comfort

While we understand that projectors aren’t for everyone, digital projectors provide the convenience of improved comfort for those who are nearsighted as you will be able to expand the size of the screen to where you see fit. In addition to that, increasing the screen size can provide a theater-like experience, which can be perfect for family quality time or even sleep overs. 

Mobile and Compact

Digital projectors are lightweight and can easily be brought to a friend’s place to binge watch and catch up on your favorite shows, like Game of Thrones. You can even emulate a drive-in movie theatre and take it outside to view a show or movie under the stars. 

Reasonably Priced

Considering the fact that digital projectors provide a technological advantage that’s realistic, it’s cost-benefit ratio holds up extremely well. While there are television screens that are available in the same size and price, a digital projector offers personalization like no other and a high quality home theater experience that can’t compare with the standard viewing experience on television screens and mobile devices.  

Experience A Professional Home Theater Installation Service in Alexandria, VA 

As digital projectors become more affordable, installing one into your home will eliminate your need to update your home entertainment system on a regular basis. Trust our team at Revelation Services® in Northern VA to manage all aspects of your home theater installation service. From mounting your digital projector to setting up the projection screen, we will customize our services to align precisely with your budget and preferences. 


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