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Outdoor Home Audio System Installation

Revelation services is proud to be the professional choice for outdoor home audio system installation that is high quality, safe, and increase the entertainment value of your home.

As one of our most popular services, outdoor sound can make yard work or summer parties much more enjoyable. We will install outdoor volume control, and mount and run all speakers through an amplifier. Camouflage rock speakers and all-weather speakers are available.

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What We Do

Our priority is helping you create an outdoor audio system that fits your needs and provides you with hours of entertainment right outside your backdoor. We understand that it can be overwhelming to decide which devices will make the best investment. That’s why we welcome your questions on how to pick out the best outdoor speakers, speaker protection, brackets, subwoofers, AV receivers, and more.

Beginning with a Design Consultation, we’ll talk about how many “zones” you plan on having and where you want the speakers located. We’ll help you find the right place to maximize your outdoor speaker performance. Pool side speakers are popular and add a lot of fun to any pool party. Patio speakers are also common and depend on precise location set-up. Whether you want the system by your pool, patio, or around the garden; we will guide you through the whole process.

Speakers vary in quality as well as in what their intended use will be. Audio systems used for parties, fiestas, and barbeques will be different than ones for calming background music during a family reunion. A good audio system starts with knowing what you want and buying the right equipment for your needs.

Outdoor speakers are built to withstand various weather extremes including rain, heat, snow, and dust. Even though outdoor speakers are meant to be outdoors, a little protection will go a long way in keeping them from unnecessary damage.

Home Audio System Installation

Out team of trained technicians will come out and efficiently set up your outdoor sound system. We will connect wires that are made to withstand outdoor conditions and meet the standards for US in-wall safety (CL2 & CL3). When connecting wires to the outside we maintain your home’s insulation with the right re-sealing products. While the receiver is often placed inside, we will install a volume control box outside making it easy to change the volume during your party or outdoor event. Depending on your custom design choice, outdoor brackets treated to be rust-resistant and not get weak from outdoor conditions will be installed and speakers mounted.

Bluetooth options with minimal wiring are also available.

Calibration & Testing will ensure all connections have been made securely and that your stereo system performance is maximized.

We will guide you through your own personal Demo so you know how to use your new outdoor stereo system. This includes integrating your iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android devices and speaker docks to your outdoor speaker system.

Lastly, invite all your friends over and enjoy your new Outdoor Home Audio Entertainment System!

Our Promise

Our trusted team will work with you from start to finish to create the outdoor audio system that fits your home entertainment dreams. Our job is never done until all scraps and scrapes are cleaned up. We stand by our quality workmanship and happy clients who are more than satisfied with their installation experience. All services are guaranteed with a 1 year warranty.

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Tim was absolutely awesome!… In addition to excellent customer service, Tim was timely (no long appointment windows) and the price was very competitive! Great service, will use Revelation Services® again for a second tv to be mounted! Highly recommend!!!

—Tasha D.

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