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Universal Remote Configuration

You invested in technology to make your life easier: A better television for movie nights, a sound system to enhance what you’re watching, and even a smart lighting system to set the mood. But now that you’ve got your tech, you’ve also got about 20 remotes cluttering up your coffee table.

Eliminate the frustration of juggling remotes by configuring your tech to respond to one device. Don’t waste energy or time memorizing the function of individual remotes when one can fulfill all their functions.

Explore Your Possibilities

Control Your Home with One Device

A universal remote control isn’t just for home theaters. A properly configured universal remote system is a step toward whole home automation. Control your lighting, your thermostat, and even your washer/dryer. If you have a smart device, you can link it to your remote system.

Total Home Control—Wherever You Are

Universal remote configuration lets you check on your home even when you’re away. Whether at the office or on a vacation, you still have total control over the systems in your home.

Want to make sure the lights are on when the kids get off the school bus? Set an arrival protocol that turns on the lights, adjusts the thermostat, and plays their favorite music at a certain time.

The system also allows you to check in on vacation homes or other properties. Monitor temperatures, make sure the lights are off, and check the door to see if anyone stopped by. Set the system up to give you alerts when people trigger your video doorbell, reducing the chances of porch piracy when Amazon packages arrive.

Make your tech purchases with confidence! Buy your equipment through Revelation Services to get the right components and expert advice.

Connect Your Tech

A universal remote configuration will marry all your devices together, allowing them to interact seamlessly no matter the brand. It doesn’t matter if your TV is Samsung, your lighting is Lutron, and your air conditioner is Echobee—all will function in harmony. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection and one day visit from Revelation Services® to have your home working as one, from one device.

Talk to Your Tech

If you’re ready to go remote free, Revelation Services® can teach your universal remote system to respond to your voice. Tell your home what you want and watch as it obeys. You’ll never have to search for a remote or extra batteries again!

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