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With warmer temperatures in arm’s reach, now is the time to start imagining the possibilities for your outdoor space. Whether you plan to host late-night summer soirées, hold family get-togethers, or simply enjoy some alone time under the stars, you’ll want to make sure your home’s outdoor areas are equipped for entertainment. A few select upgrades can turn your patio, backyard, deck, or pool area into the envy of the entire neighborhood.

1. Install an Outdoor Home Audio System

Outdoor audio systems make everything from solo yardwork to backyard barbecues much more enjoyable. Do you want poolside speakers to liven up your next pool party? How about top-of-the-line patio speakers that are hidden from view while providing excellent sound quality? Imagine surround sound that will allow you to listen to your favorite podcast from any place on your lawn. While they may seem simple enough to DIY, high-quality outdoor sound systems must be built to withstand various weather extremes, including rain, heat, snow, humidity, wind, and dust. Revelation Services will help select, purchase, and install an outdoor audio system that is long-lasting (saving you money on replacements or repairs) and that blends into your landscape. You might have to look twice to see which rock is a rock and which rock is a speaker! 

2. Take Viewing Outside with Outdoor TVs or Projectors

Installing an outdoor television or projector can quickly transform your outdoor space into a high-end space for entertaining. Invite friends over to watch a big game, have a family movie night, or binge-watch your favorite Netflix series. With the right connections you can combine your television or projector with your outdoor audio system without compromising image or audio quality. The experts at Revelation Services will ensure that all outdoor televisions or projectors are properly positioned, mounted, and configured for optimal performance, comfort, and safety with the latest equipment from top outdoor TV brands like Séura and SunBrite. 

3. Add Outdoor Lighting to Spotlight Natural Beauty

Even if you don’t set up outdoor audio, TV, or projection, you will want to set the right ambiance with outdoor lighting. Lighting can transform your outdoor space for many purposes. Do you want bright lights to monitor kids playing in the backyard? What about romantic lighting for an intimate evening under the night sky? You can have both.  Too many homeowners cheapen their yards with generic lighting options that they throw away after one season. Professionally planned lighting will give you high-quality, long-lasting lighting that highlights the natural beauty of your space without blinding you. Revelation Services can help you select the lighting options that best fit your needs. 

4. Expand Your Wi-Fi

As you expand your entertainment center to your outdoor spaces, you’ll realize that fast, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi is a must, especially if you want to add audiovisual capabilities. Your current Wi-Fi configuration may not reach—or be strong enough for—your backyard or patio.  Revelation Services can install and configure the customizable Wi-Fi systems that make surfing, streaming, gaming, and home automation systems seamless and responsive—even when accessed from your backyard or patio. We will assess your needs and your current connection; you might just need a booster or repeater to stay connected while enjoying your outside space.

5. Make it a “Smart Yard”

Revelation Services is a trusted provider of secure “smart home” equipment, installation, and configuration. With smart home controls, you can hold the power to control your outdoor lighting, music, TV, projector, cameras and more, conveniently in your hand. Control your new outside entertainment and lighting, plus everything inside without making the trip: security systems, window shades, pool or hot tub settings, and more. Your smart home settings can even be programmed to automatically adjust according to the time of day or be pre-configured with settings for different scenarios, from a barbecue bash to an intimate date night.

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With current worldwide shipping delays, it’s important that you start planning your outdoor space now to be ready for a fantastic outdoor season. Revelation Services can help customize your outdoor areas to fit your wants, needs, and budget.  Beginning with a design consultation, our experts review your space and help you create an optimal experience for you and your guests. Then our trained technicians will efficiently set up your components, ensuring all equipment and wiring are designed to withstand all outdoor conditions and meet proper safety standards. We also provide on-site calibration and testing to verify your outdoor technology is functioning properly and securely. We stand by our quality workmanship, which is why all services are guaranteed with a one-year warranty.

What are you waiting for? Contact Revelation Services today to get your patio, pool, deck, backyard, or garden outfitted with the right technology and entertainment equipment for an unbeatable summer!