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Smart Home Automation

The future is here. With smart home automation, you can transform your home into the perfect environment for each of your favorite activities by pushing a button, speaking a command, or letting pre-programmed tasks run on a clock or calendar. 

Smart home automation makes life more convenient, productive, relaxing, and secure by interconnecting all your smart home devices: TVs, speakers, lighting, shades, appliances, HVAC systems, locks, cameras, and more.

Revelation Services® is your complete solution for smart home automation products: we design, install, program, and maintain systems to create your ideal home environment. 

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You can’t have home automation without a properly designed network: Learn how to plan your network.

What is smart home automation?

Automation is the control of all the devices in your house. As technology continues to evolve to best suit our needs, automated smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Smart home automation systems allow household members to control home features from almost any device, from TVs, speakers, and home theaters to lighting, security, and other household appliances.


CONVENIENCE: Rushing home with arms full of groceries? With smart home automation, you can unlock your door from your phone. You can also unlock your home remotely for guests or family members. You can turn on lights in a dark home before you enter.

ENTERTAINMENT: When it’s time for a movie, select “movie” to lower the lights, close the blinds, turn on the projector, and be prompted to choose your media source. For “game time,” you can pre-program different settings for your video, audio, and room lighting. You can even program picture-in-picture settings to watch multiple games at once.

RELAXATION: When it’s time for sleep, select “sleep” to turn off disruptive devices, dim the lights, and start your soundtrack for a perfect night’s rest.

PRODUCTIVITY: When you want to wake up for a productive morning, schedule your smart home automation system to open the blinds, turn on lights, brew coffee, and more.

SECURITY: Smart home automation can control surveillance cameras and lighting around your home’s exterior to monitor your property 24/7 and receive alerts whenever the cameras detect movement: human trespassers, wildlife visitors, or package deliveries. We can also install indoor surveillance cameras to keep an eye on pets, children, or service providers when you’re not home.

Here are just a few ways Revelation Services’ smart home automation products can make your home smarter:




Smart Theaters

For the big game or family movie night, smart home automation upgrades your home entertainment system. Set different programs for lighting, shades, and other viewing preferences per experience. 

Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio allows you to enjoy music, podcasts, or audiobooks from your backyard to your basement. Create separate zones or coordinate them for uninterrupted listening as you move around your home and yard.

Smart Lighting

A smart home automation system lets you remotely control the lighting in every room of your home and yard. Set wake -up and wind -down routines, turn lights on before you enter the house, and even control lights when you’re away.

Smart HVAC System

With smart home automation, you can control your HVAC system to maximize your comfort level and save energy. Not only can you set temperatures for day/night, home/away, and by season, you can create programs that include your smart blinds to open/close for maximum efficiency.

Smart Locks

Grant access to your home from anywhere in the world, or program unique codes for family and guests so you know who enters and when. Program garage doors to raise slightly so delivery drivers can slide packages safely in—and program the code to trigger a camera so you’re sure the codes are used appropriately. 

Smart Appliances

Modern appliances with IP addresses can be wired into your smart home automation programs. You might have a  washing machine that can tell you when it is done with a load of laundry, or an oven that can start dinner before you get home. Ask about programming dishwashers, cooktops, coffee pots, and more.


Your home should be in YOUR CONTROL, so we secure your network to keep out tech invaders. Home networks can have different levels of security, and we’ll help you choose yours based on your needs, your preferred investment, and how disciplined you’ll be with maintenance. We keep your system operational with our Home Tech Monitoring services.


Revelation Services is a leader in home automation networking, including Cat6 cabling, fiber optics, and Wi-Fi optimization. We’ll run all necessary tests to make sure your network infrastructure is set up to handle all the tech advantages you want in your home.

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