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Golf Simulator

Play golf year-round! Improve your game or entertain family and friends without leaving your house. With the Full Swing Golf Simulator, tee time is whenever and wherever you want. Hit the ball and watch it instantly transition from your tee into a virtual championship course or driving range. 

Full Swing’s  indoor golf simulator provides the most realistic ball flight on the market—it’s like you’re standing on the course. PLUS this high-tech, interactive system does much more than golf, turning your space into the ultimate entertainment destination.

Explore Your Possibilities
Full Swing golg simulator installed in niche of a game room, with screen on wall and golf club,s, football and soccer ball ready for games

Play Championship Courses on Your Indoor Golf Simulator

Transform a section of your home into a serious training zone, private retreat, or entertainment room with the Full Swing Golf Simulator. Full Swing gives you access to dozens of virtual championship courses and today’s leading diagnostic tools that can help improve your game.

Tiger Woods using Full Swing golf simulator

See why the best in the game rely on Full Swing technology.
Watch the Tiger Woods video.

Improve Your Game and Compete Year-Round

The Tiger Woods-approved at-home golf simulator lets you experience realistic play and course conditions without any worries about travel or weather. Work on your mechanics privately on Thursday, play golf with your family on Saturday, and then host a round at Torrey Pines with business associates on Monday—even if it’s raining or snowing. 

Revelation Services® has partnered with Full Swing to bring you:

  • The best home golf simulator with the most advanced graphics of any indoor golf simulator on the market. Play on the course of your dreams—from Pebble Beach, to Castle Course at St. Andrews, to The Hay—without travel, crowds, or concern about the weather. (See available courses as of September 2021, PDF-1.3MB)
  • Infrared light-wave technology and a high-speed camera provide a complete and instructive golf experience. Watch your ball enter the simulated environment with no delay—you see the ball just as you would see it outdoors. 
  • An ION3 high-speed camera captures your ball impact and club data; infrared sensors measure the ball as it passes through the tracks in flight. You can instantly analyze your swing, based on the ball and club data.


As seen on Golf Channel’s Morning Drive:
watch this swing demo and analysis.

Play Versatile Full-Body Games:

More than just a golf simulator, Full Swing also offers multisport applications that can turn your space into a target range, baseball diamond, basketball court, or dodge ball field for immersive fun with family and friends. (Read more about other virtual games below.)

The best graphics and the best courses for the ultimate immersive golfing experience.

Golf Simulator Installation

Revelation Services will work with you to define, design, and install an indoor golf simulator space that will delight family and friends year-round.  It begins with choosing the golf simulator program that best suits your needs and goals.

Pro Series Simulator

The at-home golf simulator used by the pros, this option provides the fastest and most accurate technology available. Your ball passes through two tracks with over 600 infrared sensors that measure the ball mid-flight at the speed of light.  

Sport Series Simulator

With the ability to measure ball and club data in real time at impact, and then again mid-flight as your ball approaches the screen, this home golf simulator provides the most accurate camera-based system on the market.

Virtual Putt Simulator

Learn to putt like a pro. Designed to fit in a wide variety of spaces, this at-home golf simulator uses cutting edge technology for an incredibly immersive experience. You define the contour of the green, and the simulator’s actuator modules shape and mold the green into real-world topographies. The putting physics engine lets you watch your ball break just like it would on-course.

Putting green simulated in a living room with person practicing their golf putts

Indoor Golf Simulator Features

Installation includes: 

  • Solid wood enclosure and platform
  • 360 degrees infrared tracks (Pro Series only)
  • High-speed line scan camera (Sport Series only)
  • ION3 high-speed camera
  • Energy-absorbing diffuser screen
  • Cinema quality projector
  • Industrial grade carpet and hitting mat
  • Standard or widescreen TV

Play TopGolf Games

Create a fun and festive day with the arcade-style golf competitions and skill contests that the Full Swing Showdown Golf option offers. Compete head-to-head with family and friends in one of twenty different gaming modes, from Demolition Golf to Black Jack Golf. 

Need more competition to hone or show off your skills? The Topgolf option gives you three challenging golf simulator game modes. You can have your own exciting championship between you and your friends—just like the thrilling, come-from-behind victory of tour champion Rory Mcllory at the 2022 FedEx Cup!

Family Fun and Party Entertainment

Take it beyond great golf challenges with other applications—basketball shoot-out, soccer, zombie dodgeball and more—for best-ever immersive gaming and party experiences. Compete against the computer or go head-to-head with friends in over a dozen interactive experiences.  Transform your room into a high-end, multi-game play space with Full Swing’s MultiSport gaming applications.  

Family playing a diiferen sport with game simulator and having fun

Experience full-body gaming in multiple sports for fun with family and friends.

If hunting is your sport, superior target practice and hunting applications by Laser Shot provide nearly twenty virtual shooting environments where you can sharpen your skills and challenge friends.   

Revelation Services is dedicated to delivering the ultimate sports experiences for your family and guests, rain or shine. And when it’s time to unwind with your family to watch a favorite TV show or host a movie night with friends, the ultimate Full Swing space and TV screen await.

Create an Office Play Space

Encourage teamwork, build relationships, and boost productivity with a Full Swing space in your office.

People playing baseball using a game simulator in a party suite

A Full Swing Suite provides fun immersive play with games and sports for all ages.

See the possibilities.

Turn a conference room–or office space that’s been freed up by teleworking–into a reason for co-workers to gather. The Revelation Services team can create a Swing Suites entertainment space that will provide hours of friendly fun and competition that relieve stress and promote bonding. Keep it casual or build teams and set up weekly challenges for multisport events or a golf league. Game zones at work don’t just generate excitement, they have been proven to improve employee energy and productivity.  

Profit for Entrepreneurs and Restaurateurs 

Build reliable traffic by creating an in-demand entertainment space. Contact us to see what will work best for your space, whether it’s an indoor golf simulator or one of many other interactive screens and applications.

The Swing Suite at the Four Seasons Houston includes vists from a bartender with special drinks

Four Seasons Houston increased revenue with their Topgolf Swing Suite.
See how it works!

…Tim took the time to walk me through the process, provide advice and guidance, and execute on the plan. Everything looks and works amazing — and all at a very competitive price. I have some additional work in the new house and without question will bring Tim back. I highly recommend him without hesitation.
—Mike W.

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