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Telephone Installation Services

Revelation Services® doesn’t just specialize in home phone installations and maintenance, we deliver both POTS and VOIP solutions for your home or home office.

We’re proud to say that we are a locally owned and operated business in the Northern VA, Maryland and DC area. We strive to meet all your homes telecommunication needs both installation and maintenance.

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Home Telephone Installation Made Easy

Our Residential Telephone Services Include

When you call Revelation Services®, you’re getting more than just someone to plug in a phone. We walk you through the process, offer you an estimate, and make sure the job is done right the first time.

Telephone System Integration

Getting your phone system set up is about coordinating with your existing systems. Revelation Services® offers you a full system design, installation, and integration to your existing or new systems. This means your phone system will seamlessly slip into your home and work with all your tech.


If there’s a problem, we’ll solve it. We will help you troubleshoot pre-existing home wire and network issues. We can help you find problems in your current system and fix them before adding any upgrades to your telephone system. When we leave, you can be confident you’ll have a fully functional integrated system that you know how to use.


Installing a telephone system is more than just plugging in a jack. When you work with Revelation Services® we offer construction pre-wiring, structured wiring, and complete cable management products and services. We will install new jacks, replace worn or broken jacks, install new lines, and replace broken, worn, or defective wiring.

Learn more about Intermedia, our commercial phone systems and solutions platform. Their suite of services includes integrated video conferencing and company messaging.

Great responsiveness and expertise.  We had telephone line problems in our home.  Tim showed up on time, discussed our telephone problem and the many options available.  He worked hard and even wired our home for a second POTS line in case we’d like to add one in the future.  He was less expensive than asking Verizon to come out and just look at the issue.

—Joe S.

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