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Wi-Fi Optimization

When you’re at home, you expect to be connected. From phone to tablet to laptop, a good Wi-Fi signal is a must. If your home has dead spots or spaces with slow connectivity, it’s time for a change.

Upgrade to a reliable Wi-Fi signal that blankets your home. Revelation Services®’ innovative coverage system ensures all devices connect to the best signal available and eliminates dead spots.

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Fast, Uninterrupted Coverage Throughout Your Home Or Office

Most Wi-Fi networks rely on extenders to expand service, but extenders slow your network down. If you have to work to avoid dead spots in your Wi-Fi coverage or battle with slow connections, ditch the extenders and upgrade to a system that doesn’t compromise speed or coverage.

Our specialized system eliminates dead spots with better cabling throughout your home. Using access points that pull back to a main controller, our Wi-Fi system maps your space and figures out how to get the strongest possible signal to you, no matter your location. The result is seamless connectivity that extends throughout your property without compromising network speed. Stream movies while lying in the hammock or check your video baby monitor while grabbing the mail — you’ll always have the signal you need.

Your tech is only as good as its connection. Whether you’re working in a home office, being entertained in your back yard, or want to guarantee your video doorbell works properly, you need a dependable Wi-Fi signal. Revelation Services®’ Wi-Fi helps your home run as it should.

    Blanket Your Home with Wi-Fi

    Revelation Services® partners with Luxul to create a custom system for your home that optimizes connectivity and takes away the signal strength guessing game. We submit a floor plan of your space to Luxul engineers, who spend 3-5 days designing a system specifically for the needs of your household. We identify and boost weak spots, eliminate dead spots, and make sure devices work where and how they should.

    Unlike Wi-Fi networks that rely on extenders, we create a blanket Wi-Fi system that manages your signal for a faster response time. Your devices will automatically connect to to the strongest signal, from the basement to the backyard.

    Upgrade your outdoor space with audio and video!

    Boost Productivity by Boosting Your Office Connectivity

    Strong Wi-Fi is an essential tool in the modern office. Business owners can boost their productivity with the quick and secure connections of a new Wi-Fi system from Revelation Services®. Eliminate slow load times and network lag — even for video conferencing — with a system designed for heavy usage. Our Wi-Fi systems also offer greater network security, ensuring that proprietary data stays protected.

    Visit Luxul to learn more about their team of expert engineers.

    We have used Revelation Services® in multiple cases for the installation of wall-mounted  TVs, Internet cabling, and also Wi-Fi speakers. In each case, they did a fantastic job without any mess and completed the installation in a very neat and professional manner. They go out of their way to do the cabling in such a way that it is not obtrusive or is totally hidden.

    —Charles W.

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