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Video Camera Installation

Protect what you love, even when you’re not there. Install a video camera system with Revelation Services® and you can monitor your home without paying recurring charges to a security company.

Place cameras in and around your property for total peace of mind. Catch porch pirates in the act, look in on your pet while you’re out, and check to see when your kids get home from school.

Explore Your Possibilities

Keep an Eye on What Matters 

Video camera installation gives you a sense of security without having to pay ongoing monthly bills. Install cameras on the outside or inside of your home to deter trespassing and theft. Incorporate your video monitoring with your smart home automation to get updates on your phone wherever you are.

Customize Your Coverage

Work with Revelation Services® to develop a video camera coverage plan. Cover your house or just a few choice spots, depending on your needs. Whether you want interior cameras to check in on baby- or pet-sitters, or just want to monitor your backyard pool for safety, a video camera system will keep you informed.

Know What’s Happening at Home

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can check in on what matters to you. Use your phone or laptop to see live or recorded feeds of your home. Footage is recorded on an exterior server, to ensure it’s protected until you choose to delete it.

Our systems are triggered by motion, recording and sending an alert when someone enters or exits the camera’s field of vision. You’ll know when your family comes home and have a greater sense of security that packages dropped on your doorstep will still be there when you get home.

DIY Video Camera Installation: If you want to do it yourself, consult with us to determine and purchase what you need: cameras, wiring, and software. As a direct supplier, we meet or beat online pricing, but help you purchase the right components for your job.

Tim was great. He came on short notice and talked every decision through with us. He worked hard to understand our needs and wants and assisted us in making sure we were set up properly for our daily lives. We added some extra work throughout due to changes in needs and some upgrades, he was incredibly flexible. In addition, he seemed incredibly knowledgeable on all things having to do with installation and took the time to educate us. Tim was very clean and detail-oriented, as well as pleasant. Highly recommend.

—Lyndsey C.

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