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Whole Home Audio

Music is a part of our daily lives. We listen to it when we’re cooking, we bop to it when we’re working out, and we even leave it on when we’re going to sleep.

What if you could listen to music anywhere in your home without messing with multiple devices? With whole home audio, you can stay in the groove no matter where you roam.

Explore Your Possibilities

    Listen to Music Throughout Your Home

    Let your favorite music be the soundtrack to your daily life. Whole Home Audio allows you to enjoy your music wherever you go in your home. With a properly calibrated home audio system, you can have crisp, clear sound from your backyard to your basement.

    Choose to Share Music or Stream Privately

    There’s no need to fight over who has the best playlist when a whole home system allows members of the household to play their music at the same time. Kids can listen to their tunes while doing their chores while you relax with your playlist in the media room.

    Our innovative Whole Home Audio system uses your Wi-Fi signal to connect your home’s speakers to your favorite music apps, like Pandora or Spotify. You can choose to broadcast your music throughout the house or choose specific rooms. Multiple users can enjoy the network of speakers at once, so you don’t have to choose between Katy Perry and Bob Dylan.

    Program your Whole Music Experience

    Set the mood before you even step into the door. Link your Whole Home Audio to your Universal Remote or Smart Home Automation system for the ability to start your music as part of your Welcome Home protocol. Revelation Services® will guide you through the setup and configuration of a Whole Home Audio system that gives you seamless sound wherever you wander. We also provide ongoing coverage for home tech monitoring through Parasol so you can enjoy the latest technology and peace of mind. 

    Whole Home Audio is also an excellent complement to outdoor entertaining. Keep the party going without having to fuss with remotes or radio stations.

    DIY Whole Home Audio: If you want to do it yourself, consult with us to determine and purchase what you need: speakers, wiring, remotes, receivers, and amps. As a direct supplier, we meet or beat online pricing, but help you purchase the right components for your job.

    We had a total renovation of our audio, computer and TV systems.  I was daunted by the number of systems on the market and the integration of all the different things.  We were referred to Revelation Services® and am extremely happy with the decision… Tim recommended Plasma TVs with Sonos sound boxes for our house. He did all the installations including electrical, cabling and drywall work. The TVs look and work great. Totally wired into our computer network and FIOS. The Sonos system should be reviewed separately, but so far I’m hooked.  You can play any of your music or music services anywhere you’ve set up the system at the touch of a phone or IPad. Tim and crew were polite, knowledgeable and, very important, patient.

    —Larry L.

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