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TV Calibration Service

Get clear, crisp colors with professional ISF video calibration. Watch your favorite movies and binge your favorite series exactly as the creators intended — with your TV calibration perfectly set to the same professional standards directors and editors use.

Revelation Services® provides ISF TV calibration that evaluates everything from the room lighting to how much light the television itself emits. We use specialized equipment and software to balance the hue, saturation, and luminance of every color — and to enhance shadows for richer, deeper blacks.

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Enjoy Perfect TV Color Calibration

As an ISF-approved calibrator, Revelation Services® adjusts your television using expertise, equipment, and techniques that meet the latest professional standards. You will enjoy a broader range of colors, subtle shadows, and life-like details. Maximize the abilities of a new ultra-high definition television, or give your current screen a boost with ISF calibration.

Can You Calibrate a TV Yourself?

Today’s ultra-high definition televisions come with many settings, from saturation to gamma curves. Changing one affects the others. The owner’s manual isn’t always helpful. Your opinion of the perfect shade of sky blue may not be the same as that of someone else. You want to see the uniforms of your favorite team in their actual color, but what is that exactly?

Colors might seem subjective, but Revelation Services® uses scientific metering and ISF calibration standards to achieve settings for perfect color — whether your television is in a living room full of natural light, an office next to a window, or a darkened media room. 

What to Expect From Our TV Calibration Service

Revelation Services® technicians will review your current TV calibration settings. Then we will use our ISF calibration program and specialized equipment to adjust everything from the white balance to the gamma curve and the colors. We will take the time to show you the improvement and ensure that your television displays the best picture possible so that you can enjoy films and television shows as their creators intended.

Consider supplementing your viewing pleasure with a surround sound system from Revelation Services®. Enjoy visuals and audio that make stories come alive.

I consulted with Tim about the smart TV that we have never been able to consistently use. Tim explained that (1) our Wifi had changed and needed to be updated, (2) we will always get snow and a warning since we don’t have cable or an antenna, (3) the Wifi card on TVs made in 2015 is of poor quality and will work inconsistently unless it’s hooked up, and (4) we could get a few channels for free if we bought an antenna (and which kind to buy). Tim really knows about how the wiring is set up in different kinds of houses and was extremely helpful.

—Katherine A.

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