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TV Calibration

The popcorn’s popped, the 4K Ultra HD film is loaded, and you have an expensive high-def television — so why does the movie look so bad?

Most people believe that expensive televisions give you cinema quality picture the moment you plug them in. Unless you’ve had your television professionally calibrated, however, you’re not getting the image quality you paid for. Revelation Services creates a movie theater experience in your media room by properly calibrating your TV using ISF standards.

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Discover the Full Potential of Your TV

Creating a home theater is an excellent way to enrich your TV watching experience, bring your family together for movie nights and even raise the value of your home. But if you haven’t had your TV professionally calibrated, you’re not seeing the screen’s full color or contrast. Revelation Services can bring your movie nights to life by showing you every detail you would see in a movie theater. Give Jaws back his bite and put the magic into Harry Potter with crisp, clear images.

Lights, Calibration, Action

Even expensive televisions arrive set to factory settings; most default to showing the brightest possible picture. This base setting compromises colors and gradations. You won’t be able to see a better image without a proper calibration. Have your television calibrated to discover all the high and low lights as well as the vast range of colors you’ve been missing.

See Your Screen Like Never Before

Do you know what color Coca Cola red truly is? You’ll be amazed to see the difference one simple calibration can make. Our expert technicians can show you exactly how far off your TV’s colors are from the 203 scale used by filmmakers and movie theaters.

Revelation Services is an ISF-approved (Imaging Science Foundation) television calibrator. Using ISF-developed software, our calibration program speaks to your TV and adjusts it to optimal image settings. You’ll notice a difference immediately in the brilliant color variations and fine detailing.

Cinematic Quality from Your Sofa

Ensure you get the quality you invested in with a proper TV calibration. Enjoy every movie and show as they were meant to be seen.

Consider completing your theater experience with Revelation Services’ surround sound systems. We can create a depth of sound that will place you in the middle of the movie.

Imaging Science Foundation is at the forefront of TV calibration technology. See how their calibration techniques transform images.

I consulted with Tim about the smart TV that we have never been able to consistently use. Tim explained that (1) our wifi had changed and needed to be updated, (2) we will always get snow and a warning since we don’t have cable or an antenna, (3) the wifi card on TVs made in 2015 is of poor quality and will work inconsistently unless it’s hooked up, and (4) we could get a few channels for free if we bought an antenna (and which kind to buy). Tim really knows about how the wiring is set up in different kinds of houses and was extremely helpful.

—Katherine A.

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