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Home Automation Networks

Home automation is an impressive, futuristic experience that creates on-demand environments, transforming your spaces for activities, routines, or times of the day (or year). Successful home automation requires planning and intentional design, making thoughtful and educated choices about wiring and components.

To bring your smart home vision to life, consult Revelation Services® to design your home automation system when you begin building or renovating your home. When it all works, it feels like magic, but the secret is bringing an expert into the process at the right time.

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Elegantly designed smart homes are mind-blowing. They put personalized control of home theaters, whole home audio, smart shades, smart lighting, and environmental comfort at your fingertips. You can create programs which entertain, relax, and/or protect your home—and activate them on-demand or on customized schedules. Much more than remote control devices, a smart home gives you the ability to design on-demand environments.

Flawless and fast operation of a smart home, however, depends on your total home network including your wiring, wi-fi, and connecting devices. Most people consider the smart home control system and components, but don’t give much thought to the crucial infrastructure of the network that connects them

Imagine the smart home system as a human body: the control system (RTI, Control 4, URC, Savant) is the brain and various components (screens, speakers, lights, shades, etc.) are limbs and organs. The wiring and Wi-Fi are your smart home’s nervous system: without fast, unimpeded connections the components won’t respond as the programming demands. Our experts will design a network to support the smart home automation of your vision, and then test system signals from end to end to ensure optimum responses.

At Revelation Services® we aren’t just technicians who install things, we are system designers who create seamless integrations of technology with your builder, contractor and interior decorator. Having an understanding of your vision and the latest technology enables us to give you the experience you expect. Every elegant system starts with elegant planning.


Every elegant system starts with elegant planning.

Building for Smart Home Automation

Create the network support now for the smart home you will want in the future. Putting in the right cabling first means you don’t have to rip your walls open later! Seize the opportunity to ask “what’s in my walls?” whenever you have a building, renovation, or redecorating project.  Ask your builder, contractor or interior designer to include fiber optic or Cat6 cabling to support smart home automation, or call Revelation Services® to test and augment your home’s “nervous system”. 

Also, when you bring in Revelation Services® to work with builders in the design phase, you can choose more low-profile options and fit them in seamlessly without disrupting drywall, wiring, vents, or pipes. You get a more expensive looking product without the cost of disrupting or re-building. When you see stunningly slick smart homes, you know that a professional was included in the design from the beginning.

Smart Home Networks and Interior Design

Our collaborations with interior designers are especially important to discerning homeowners. We work with you and your interior designer from the beginning to understand the your vision and concerns. Your interior designer designs your spaces and we bring them to life by designing experiences you can summon in those spaces. We create a space that performs like magic, keeping cabling and other necessary tech out of sight. Involve Revelation Services® from the beginning of your design project so we can craft your smart home system to fit your interior designer’s aesthetic.

Expensive Mistakes in Smart Homes

Revelation Services Founder Tim Cobb likes to say “Don’t accidentally create a smart home in a dumb way.”

When home automation systems are created piece by piece without planning or trained professionals, homeowners make expensive mistakes. A complete smart home is not a DIY project simply because of the complexity of the integrated systems. Proprietary systems don’t often work well with one another, and even with updated cabling the end-to-end signal can have multiple choke points when a system is cobbled together. 

It’s not about hacking together different parts. It’s about designing a beautiful, elevating experience. A trained professional smart home designer/installer ensures that the final system is greater than the sum of its parts; DIY smart homes tend to be the opposite, a collection of expensive tech that won’t perform as advertised. Smart homes should provide experiences to make your life better, not frustrating or low-quality disappointments. 

Revelation Services’® real value is that we’re not just installation experts, but a complete design/build team: planning the system you want that will work together, building a network for flawless performance, and creating experiences that make your life better.

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