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Office Projector Installation Capitol Heights MD

High-quality audio-visual (AV) technology keeps employees connected, engaged, and productive. Whether collaborating on a project or presenting game-changing ideas, your business must have an impressive AV display. Projectors have been a long-time corporate favorite, though modern TVs offer distinct advantages. By comparing features and consulting Revelation Services for a professional TV and office projector installation, you can find the device for your business needs. 

Revelation Services proudly delivers AV and automation services to businesses of all sizes in Capitol Heights, MD. Our efficient installation process garners impressive results that transform residential and commercial spaces. Whether a home theater projector installation or interactive office technology, you’ll find a display solution at Revelation. Upgrade your corporate AV displays today by calling (703) 677-4187!

Below, we compare and contrast TVs and projectors as office AV displays: 

Projector Screens


  • Size: In large conference rooms, participants should be able to discern details and read text from any distance or angle. Projectors provide a much larger screen size than most TVs, making them ideal for presentations with a sizable audience.

  • Cost-effective: Projectors offer a large display for a fraction of the cost. To achieve a comparable-sized TV, you may need to create a video wall, which is much more expensive.

  • Interactivity: Many modern projector screens (including smartboards) offer touch functionality for interactive presentations, brainstorming sessions, and more.


  • Light sensitivity: Projectors may struggle to deliver consistent image quality in bright rooms. Ambient light can wash out the projected image, lowering visibility. For optimal viewing, offices must have dimmer switches, window shades, or other means for clear viewing.

  • AV functionality: Basic projectors may lack built-in speakers and so require add-ons. The audio-visual experts at Revelation can pair your projector with compatible, clear speakers.

  • Setup and maintenance: Mounting, screen setup, and occasional bulb replacements may add complexity and maintenance. When purchasing an office projector screen, choose a reputable brand that offers professional installation and a generous warranty.


Office Projector Installation Capitol Heights MD


  • Consistent image quality: TVs generally provide bright, colorful images in various lighting conditions, making them suitable for well-lit and dimly lit conference rooms.

  • Ease of setup: Modern TV setups are “plug and play.” They require minimal calibration or lighting control and are easy to operate.

  • Integrated audio: Many TVs come with built-in audio systems. Although the quality may be less than optimal, built-in speakers are a simple solution for your conference needs, and external speakers are always an option.


  • Cost: Costs can increase starkly as you move toward larger screen sizes. Huge TVs are much more expensive than projectors of equivalent sizes.

  • Limited screen size options: TVs may be impractical for large conference rooms. Large groups of people make watching a small TV difficult, even though they offer a high resolution.

Video Display and Office Projector Installation in Capitol Heights, MD! 

Ultimately, the best audio-visual display for your office depends on your specific needs and priorities. At Revelation Services, our team can match your Capitol Heights, MD, business with an AV display that meets your size, budget, and visibility constraints. Then, our efficient office projector installation experts can have you up and running in no time. Call (703) 677-4187 today to schedule an AV display consultation!