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Olney MD Home Audio Services


You may have the biggest, most expensive HDTV in the neighborhood, but your HDTV or home theater won’t be as valuable without perfect sound. Here at Revelation Services® we are dedicated to providing you with the best home audio systems and solutions. We also work to simplify the best of today’s sophisticated systems and setups so that you can use and enjoy your new system.

Our experience and service portfolio covers everything you need to make your Olney MD home entertainment setup sound incredible.


What We Do


Guide you in the custom design, installation, and calibration of your home theater’s surround sound setup (be it a new installation or a retrofit project).


Provide consultation and information on subwoofers, AV receivers, digital media receivers, audio shelf systems, speaker systems, outdoor speaker systems, total home audio installation, and other similar categories.


Integrating your iPod / iPad / iPhone / Android devices and speaker docks to the rest of your home entertainment system and wiring your entire house with professional sound.


Help you decide the kind of home audio installation – bookshelf, floor standing, in-ceiling, outdoor, etc. – that best fits your needs.