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These days, many residents spend much of their time watching sports games, movies, and television shows. For this reason, more and more are finding a reason to improve the quality of their viewing experience by installing a home theater. Such installations can be done on your own to a certain extent, but to have the best possible setup requires an experienced technician. 

At Revelation Services®, we help customers set up incredible upgrades to their home’s systems, and we ensure that these new systems are affordable and within our customer’s needs and preferences. Among the best services we have is our expert home theater installation services, which have had much success with residents throughout Alexandria, VA, and Northern Virginia. 

Here’s what you should think about before deciding to install a home theater: 

Reasons You’d Want to Install a Home Theater

Before you begin installing a home theater in your home, there are several things you’ll need to think about. First and foremost, you should contemplate what advantages there are of having a home theater. Based on our experience in providing home theater installation services, here are a few reasons that averaged the most among residents: 

Chosen Content At The Push Of A Button

One of the main pleasures of having a theater system in your home is that you’re in control of your entertainment. At any given moment, you are able to select what film, TV show, or online video you’d like to watch. Moreover, if you have a game system installed, you’ll have the additional option of playing whatever games you’d like to play as well. 

Controlled, Comfortable Environment

Another big reason homeowners would prefer to have a home theater is that they would also be in control of their entertainment environment. If you were to go to an actual theater, part of your experience there depends on the service, like how clean the seats are and the quality of the concessions. 

On the other hand, with a home theater, you have control of the seating arrangements, the amenities, even the temperature of the room, all so you can have your perfect viewing or playing experience. 

Things to Consider Before Installing a Home Theater

After thinking over the benefits of having a home theater, you should have some idea of the logistics, so that you can make sure it’s feasible to install. Here are several details to consider before making your final decision: 


First, think about the purpose of your home theater. How are you going to use the space? Is it more of a man-cave area, where you and a few buddies will watch sports? 

Or are you creating a cinephile’s dream, with shelves for your DVD and Blu-Ray collection and perhaps even a high-quality digital projector and sound system for an authentic cinema experience? 

Have a clear purpose for your home theater, whether it is singular or multiple. This will help you deal with the next two aspects to consider. 

Free Space

The amount of space available factors directly into both the purpose and cost of your home theater. Ideally, veteran home theater designers state that a good one is at least 10 by 16 feet, with enough space for two rows of seating.

It should also have space for all your equipment and amenities, as well as any additional decorative touches you’d like to make. 


Finally, the amount of funds you have available not only determines the amount of space you can use and whether it can be multipurpose or not, but it also determines what equipment you are able to purchase and your theater’s overall sound and visual quality. 

While there are many affordable options out there, even with remodeling, furniture, and equipment, the costs can be fairly high. So, consider your limits and work within them, and perhaps even think further of how you can set things up so you can add to your theater system later on. 

Revelation Services®: Skilled Home Theater Installation Services in Alexandria, VA

Installing a home theater is a big project that requires a considerable amount of effort and expertise to properly perform. With the help of Revelation Services®, you’ll be able to create the highest quality home theater system possible, along with many other home entertainment and automation systems. Our team of experts not only provides excellent home theater installation services, but they also do smart home automation, whole-home audio, and conference room audio and visual installations. 

For businesses and households throughout Alexandria, VA, and Northern Virginia, our team at Revelation has brought ease and tech-savvy solutions to both new and repeating clients. Contact us at (703) 677-4187 to get a free consultation and learn more about our many services.