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With daily temperatures around DC currently peaking in the mid-90s, your patio, pool, or yard should see frequent usage during this time of year. And when the summer sun is  out, how can grilling burgers, floating around the pool, or sipping ice-cold beers get any better? Here at Revelation Services, the leader in the industry of outdoor speaker installation, we think adding a soundtrack over an outdoor speaker system would do just that. 

Our company was established on this simple idea: customers deserve top-tier service from qualified professionals who offer exceptional products. So, rather than risking poor service and sub-par products at a department store, reach out to a trusted, local speaker installation company that’s helped clients all over Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Whether you own a business with patio seating or your family wants to soak up the sun, let us handle your outdoor speaker installation and complete your summer set-up. 

Here, we consider some questions that will help you choose the outdoor speakers that would work best for you: 

What are Outdoor Speakers? 

First, what makes a speaker suitable for the outdoors? Only some make the cut; consider that, even if they’re under a roof, these speakers must stand up to extremes of cold and heat, moisture, bugs, and dust. A standard “bookshelf” speaker would be ruined if left outside during a bad rainstorm. 

Outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand nature’s elements without breaking down or losing quality of sound. Due to the environmental demands, most outdoor speakers have a characteristic look: a perforated metal grille on the front (which protects the speaker proper) and hard plastic covering around the rest of the body. 

As technology has improved, outdoor speakers have become increasingly popular. Variety is wide, so choosing the right ones might seem overwhelming. This is why Revelation Services welcome questions about what product fits your needs. 

What’s Your Outdoor Sound Design?

How many speaker zones should you have? What quality of sound do you expect? What kind of space are you designing for? Your decisions on speaker type and location will depend on your usage of outside space, which is why our staff treats each design individually and creates something specific for you

Poolside speakers can add a great deal of excitement to parties, but they must withstand the extra moisture of their location. Patio speakers, while not in danger from pool water, require specific placement to be fully effective. Don’t want your speakers obvious or noticeable? No problem! We offer camouflage “rock” speakers that draw less attention to themselves. 

How Would You Like the Sound to Operate?

Even before installing the speakers, you should consider how you’ll control the system. Do you want volume control outside? What about brackets that place the speakers overhead? Would a Bluetooth-operated system be a better way to go? We’re happy to install any of these for you. 

During set-up, we’ll test the system’s connections and calibrations to ensure that everything works properly. We’ll even walk you through the integration of your new system with an iPhone or Smart device. 

To ensure you’re satisfied with our installation, we offer a one-year warranty on all services. It’s part of our company’s foundation: ensuring customers are happy with our services and products. 

Revelation Services: Reliable Outdoor Speaker Installation Experts in Alexandria, VA

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor speaker installation or a new home theater, we at Revelation Services can fulfill your needs and expectations. We’ve based our business in helping both residential and commercial customers in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland, so to get exceptional service and high-quality products, contact us at 703-677-4187 for more information or a free estimate.