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One of the most exciting installments one can make to their home is a home theater. With streaming services  like Netflix and Hulu, we can bring the theater right to our home and watch the latest movies from the comfort of our couch. In the long run, installing a home theater in your home can save you a ton of money. At Revelation Services, we offer exceptional home theater calibration in Ashburn, VA and can help you set the best equalizer settings for your system. But what exactly does that mean? Well, below we discuss what an equalizer is and how it could affect your movie-watching experience.

What Is An Equalizer?

If you’ve ever been to a rock or hip-hop concert, you may have seen someone using an equalizer. The main purpose is to adjust to different sound elements to achieve an end result that the listener enjoys listening to. The use of EQ settings for everyday people has changed the way we listen to music. In fact, music streaming apps such as Spotify allow you to change your EQ presets in the settings menu to adjust for typical music genre sounds like “metal” or “rap”. 


For your home theater, you’ll want to calibrate your settings to match the movie you watch, just as you would for music. As a comparison, you wouldn’t be optimizing your sound while listening to rock music if your EQ preset settings were set at classical or smooth jazz settings. Similarly, to get the full movie theater experience while watching a horror or action movie, you’ll want to enhance your system with the best sound. 

Adjusting Your Settings For Sound Optimization

By playing with your equalizer, you can experiment with different frequencies and find the one that works best with what you’re looking for. Here are a few of the ideal options for your home theater.

Sub-bass: 20Hz-60Hz

If you’ve ever sat through a movie with a powerful bass, such as sci-fi films like Star Trek, you’ve likely experienced this type of frequency. These types of frequencies can definitely add to the suspense of a movie, but it can sometimes take away the clarity of other sounds and can sometimes be overbearing. 

Bass: 60Hz-250Hz

The bass frequency is the most common crossover frequency recommended and it is the THX reference level, which is the exact volume level used by movie makers and sound artists in the studio. This gives a real-feel to the movies you watch and immerses you into the movie with the proper sound. 


Generally, sub-bass and bass are the most commonly used frequencies used for movies. If you’d like to experiment and go higher than 250Hz, be wary as those sounds can be uncomfortable to the human ear. 

Revelation Services: Professional Home Theater Calibrations in Ashburn, VA

The setup of a home theater system is an intricate and complex web of wires, equipment, and settings upon settings that require fine-tuned adjustments, all to ensure that your home theater looks and sounds like you’re having a night at the movies. Adjusting the settings for perfection can be a hassle, but we can help.


For a fast home theater installation and calibration, call on a team of audio-visual experts, like Revelation Services, to turn a bundle of cords and boxes into your dream home theater. We have served residents across Ashburn, VA, as well as Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., receiving high customer satisfaction from our quality services and professional attitude.