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Projector Screen Installation in Takoma Park MD

If you’re unsure whether or not to get a projector installed in your Takoma Park MD home or business, here are some of the advantages that might persuade you to hire a professional projector screen installation service from Revelation Services®:


  • Saves space – You won’t need to install a TV if you have this design because it’s space-saving. Instead, utilize a retractable screen and have your projector ceiling mount installed instead.
  • Saves money – TV sets are more expensive than projector technology, and they also cost more to install and maintain. A projector screen is not only a lot bigger than a television screen, but it’s also lower in overall cost.
  • Maximum versatility – connect your Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming systems, and other major devices for an enhanced experience. 
  • Less risk of damage – with a flat screen projector screen, there’s a much less chance of it getting knocked over like a standard television set. 
  • Theater experience – a projector screen delivers the authentic movie experience – nothing compares to a big projector screen in a theater. Every time you sit down to watch your favorite movies, you can relive the excitement.

What does a projector installation service include?

  • Connect the HDMI cables to the back of your screen and surround sound system, then pull them through the wall and ceiling.
  • Creating a new power outlet on the ceiling for the projector to connect to and hang from.
  • Set up the optimal distance from the screen to the projector for the best viewing experience.
  • Repair up any drywall that is cut out during installation.

We provide a complete package of services that we believe will exceed your expectations. For years, we’ve earned a name for offering excellent service and assistance in the Takoma Park MD neighborhood. Our services extend beyond projectors to provide a comprehensive solution for your home or business’ audio & visual experience. 

If you are interested in a projector screen installation in your home or business in Takoma Park MD, contact Revelation Services® today to learn more and achieve the best experience for you and your guests.