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Silver Spring, MD Smart Home Automation

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Technology continues to adapt and evolve to best suit our needs, and automated “smart homes” are becoming increasingly popular. Smart homes allow household members to control most features of their home with a push of a button from almost any device.

Revelation Services® is proud to offer smart home automation services in Silver Spring, MD. We offer the latest home technological advancements that will help you create the home of your dreams. With our smart home automation, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of technology while maintaining your security. Our smart home automation services include the following features:

Security Features

You might picture video cameras and alarm systems for an office building, but did you know you can install these in your own home as part of our smart home automation package? Install cameras around your home’s exterior to monitor the outside 24/7 and receive alerts whenever the cameras detect movement. You can also install cameras inside your home and check on your house at any time during the day from your smart phone. This will allow you to keep an eye on pets or children and give you peace of mind during your day.

We also offer a high security alarm system that will alert you whenever someone enters the home without entering their code or password. You can even set up an alert for whenever someone opens your front door so you can know when your children make it home safely.

Lights & HVAC

You want to be comfortable in your own home, and your lighting and HVAC system play an important role in your comfort. A smart home system will allow you to remotely control your lighting in every room of your house from your smart phone. This is perfect for when you’re too comfortable to get up and shut the lights off or if you want to turn the lights on before you come home at the end of a long day.

You can also control your HVAC system from your phone or other device with a smart home system. In winter, you can keep the temperature low after you leave in the morning, then raise it near the end of the day so your home will be nice and warm when you return. In summer, keep the house warmer during the day, then use your smart phone to lower the temperature before you go back home. An automated smart home system will allow you to raise and lower the temperature to your comfort level and make the most of energy savings.


There’s nothing quite like having a great home entertainment center, especially if you’re a movie buff. If you love to watch your favorite films on a giant television or projector with surround sound, getting smart home automation is the perfect way to upgrade your home theater. Control your speakers, projector, television, and more with your smart phone to improve your movie-watching experience. Invite friends over to watch the big game, host a movie night with the family, or just jam out to music. With a smart home, it’s easy and fun to control your home theater.

Set Up Your Silver Spring, MD Smart Home Today!

At Revelation Services®, LLC, we are dedicated to providing impeccable customer service, quality work, and attention to detail. We are passionate about giving you and your family top-of-the-line products, whether you use us to install a television, projector, or telephone system. Repeat customers choose us time and time again for our unparalleled customer-orientation and efficiency.

Let us bring your Silver Spring, MD home into the future of technology. Contact us today at (703) 677-4187 for a free estimate for your smart home automation project.