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Home Services for Realtors

Interior design plays a huge role in a homebuyer’s decision, and staging a house is an invaluable part of any home selling process. Even though most of the staged furniture, appliances, and decorations will not stay in the house once purchased, buyers need to imagine themselves living in the space and being comfortable. As a realtor, you need to create an inviting, unique environment to give your potential buyers a truly accurate vision of what it would be like to live in that home.

One thing many homeowners want to see in a home is its technological features, with everything from television setup to home automation. At Revelation Services®, we can help you create a home with the hottest technology that homeowners love. We offer the following services to realtors:


TV Installation

The television is a staple in any modern family home. When viewing houses, homebuyers must be able to envision themselves watching TV to unwind after a long day, or gathering around the screen with the family for weekly movie nights. Revelation Home Services can install a TV in the house you are selling that will really draw your buyers in and make them feel right at home.


Smart Home Automation

More and more, homebuyers are looking for homes with smart home automation, or homes with the potential to implement it. Smart home automation makes everything in the home easier for busy families, with the ability to control lights, locks, thermostat, and more. Our team can install smart home automation features in your market house to show your buyers the home’s innovation and potential.


Home Audio Installation

A crystal-clear audio system is key for any television or entertainment center. Some homebuyers need earth-shaking sound for their movies, and others love to play music on speakers through the entire house. In any case, an excellent sound system is sure to draw the attention of homebuyers who love home entertainment.


Outdoor Audio Installation

No barbecue or pool party would be complete without music! Many homebuyers are looking not only for great interior living space, but great outdoor living space as well. Outdoor audio sets up the ambiance for any party, or even a relaxing night reading a book on the deck. Our team can install a powerful outdoor audio system to impress any homebuyer.


Telephone Installation

Although fewer and fewer people have landlines installed in their homes in today’s world, a landline or telephone system is still a useful tool for any home to have. Often, a homeowner’s cable package is tied to a landline or they prefer having a home telephone for a more traditional feel. We offer standard and POTS and VOIP telephone systems for your home, so you can ensure the house you are selling appears well-connected to buyers.


Flat Panel TV Mounting

More and more living rooms have wall-mounted televisions as opposed to tabletop ones. A comfortable living room with a sleek, wall-mounted flat screen television is sure to compel potential buyers on an open house. Our team can set up your marketed house with a beautiful, eye-catching television and a sturdy wall mount to catch your buyers’ attention.


Digital Projector Installation

Digital projectors offer a unique television or movie-viewing option that many love for the nostalgic feel. These can be an intriguing option to maximize space in any smaller living room. Digital projectors are also perfect to make home movie theaters look just like the real thing.  We will install the perfect digital projector for your staged home.


Customized Home Theater

A customized home theater is a huge draw for many homebuyers, especially those with families. Renovating a house you are staging with a home theater/entertainment center will not only boost the home’s value, but to wow any movie-buff. We can install every part of a home theater including a television, audio system, furniture, and more.


We Can Help You Sell Homes!

Revelation Services® is proud to partner with realtors and help them make the homes they are selling as appealing as possible. With TV installation, custom home theater installation, audio system installation, telephone installation, and much more, we can prepare your property to make waves in the market.

Create a beautiful, technologically-enhanced home your buyers will love. Call Revelation Services® today!