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Home Services for Builders

One of the biggest factors in a home buyer’s purchase decision is a home’s technological features. Similarly, homeowners who use a builder to build a new home from scratch or complete a full whole home remodel often look to add unique, innovative technology to their home. As a home builder, you want to give your clients beautiful homes with all the technology features they desire.

At Revelation Services, we can help you build a home with built-in technology that will boost the home’s value and make it the hottest home on the market. We offer the following services to builders:


TV Installation

You will find very few modern homes without at least one television. Homeowners and buyers love having a television in shared spaces of the home to gather together or simply enjoy watching alone. Revelation Services offers a variety of screen sizes and definitions, so you can pick the perfect TV that matches your clients’ lifestyle and ensures they picture themselves living in the home.


Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is becoming an increasingly sought-after home feature. Homebuyers and owners love being able to remotely control their locks, thermostat, and lights, especially with a busy household. We can install smart home automation that home buyers will love, or as part of your renovation so that your clients will love the new space.


Home Audio Installation

Homeowners and buyers love knowing a home has an excellent sound system, especially if they are a fan of movie nights and lazy weekends binging television shows. In addition, some homeowners are installing house-wide audio that will allow them to play music through the entire house. No matter your client’s sound needs, we can help your building team choose the perfect built-in home audio system.


Outdoor Audio Installation

Homeowners and buyers love to see outdoor audio capabilities, as well. An outdoor audio system is perfect for block parties or personal, individual use, and can help make a deck, patio, and yard a luxurious place to hang out and unwind. We can include outdoor audio in your next home building project that homeowners and buyers will love.


Telephone Installation

Although mobile phones have largely reduced the number of landlines found in modern homes, many homeowners still benefit from using a landline. Some homeowners have their cable tied to their landline, have poor cell phone reception and need a landline, or simply prefer the nostalgic feel. If your client is looking for a home landline or telephone system, we have you covered! We offer a variety of systems, including standard, POTS, and VOIP.


Flat Panel TV Mounting

Wall-mounted televisions help save space and look great in any family room or entertainment room. A wall-mount must be secure and free of unsightly hardware or wires. Revelation Services can mount a television in your project home to show potential buyers or your current homeowners the aesthetics and convenience of a wall-mounted TV.


Digital Projector Installation

Instead of a television, some homeowners opt for a digital projector to broadcast television and movies. This helps maximize space but also mimics the look and feel of a real movie theater right at home. Many homes with home theaters use digital projectors to display movies. Our team can install a digital projector in the shared living spaces to provide buyers and owners with a unique viewing option.


Customized Home Theater

Home theaters are a unique renovation project that many homeowners love. Some homeowners love the personalization and unique viewing experience that a home theater provides. If your team is building a home from scratch, including a home theater is a surefire way to boost home value and make a stronger impression with buyers. If you are renovating a house, your clients are sure to love this unique space. In any case, Revelation Services can design a beautiful and comfortable home theater in your project home.


Partner With Us During Your Next Home Building Project!

Revelation Services is proud to partner with builders and help them make the most out of their building projects. We offer TV installation, custom home theater installation, audio system installation, telephone installation, and much more to ensure the home you are building or renovating looks great and serves your clients’ needs.

Bring your building projects into the age of technology. Call Revelation Services today!