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Commercial Services

Revealing the Possibilities of Technology Today

Workplace technology is always changing in both capability and cost: wireless connections, flawless audio, flush-mounted 4K screens and advanced telephone systems are within reach. Maximize your human capital with technology by handling calls quickly and reliably, power up your secure network, and make the most of meetings. Explore your possibilities.

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Data Cabling & Networks

Invisible, Durable Strength

Cabling is the circulatory system of your office — keep it working optimally and out of sight. We bring finesse to cabling, from network planning through expansion and updates.

Service Options:
  • Build-Outs
  • Office Moves
  • Upgrades
  • Network Setup & Cabling




Conference Room & Reception Areas

Efficient Conferencing Expands Your Reach


Whether you want to go global or make telecommuting work, we can optimize your conference room with monitors, projectors, audio and connectivity. Make the most of your meetings!

Engage Your Target Audience: Reception area screens brand you as an innovator, educate, and entertain your clients, and may even reduce perceived wait time.


Services Available:  
  • 4K TV installation
  • 4K Projector Installation
  • Sound Systems
  • Interactive White Boards
  • Wireless Access
  • Microphone Setup
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Reception Area Displays



Telecom Repair & Installations

Your Business Lifeline

The phone is still your main conduit to most clients and customers, but telephone systems have advanced. Route, and respond to calls with reliability and flexibility.

  • VOIP
  • PBX
  • Remote Access
  • Call Handling Automation
  • Business Automation
  • Telecommunications Remote Control
  • Phone System Design, installation, and Repair


What to Expect

Our design process begins with an in-person consultation. We will listen to your ideas, inspect your location, then together select and install the products that fit your business budget and needs. From start to finish we will put you first and provide electrician, drywall, and painting partnerships to create a finished look. Our services are constantly expanding with new technology, so reach out to us with any questions. With our knowledge and experience, we will design an easy to use system that increases the productivity of your company and help you create the professional reliability your company seeks to represent. Reveal Your Attitude towards innovation and efficiency. 

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