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Commercial outdoor speaker system Alexandria VA

Whether your business has a sprawling outdoor seating area or an intimate patio, you can improve customers’ experience by adding a commercial outdoor speaker system. Organizations that do so enjoy wide-reaching benefits, such as guests spending more time at their property (and so spending more money). However, choosing the best outdoor speaker system for your operation can prove challenging due to the numerous brands and design options in today’s market. Reviewing these systems’ fundamentals will help you make an informed decision.

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Below, we outline the basics of commercial sound systems and how newcomers can approach buying one:

Why Invest in a Commercial Outdoor Speaker System?

Many small- and medium-sized businesses try to save money by installing a DIY sound system for their outdoor spaces. They may even use cheap desk speakers without realizing they cannot possibly provide decent sound. Moreover, non-commercial grade speakers degrade over time when exposed to weather elements.

Such products have a relatively low price tag because they are non-weatherproofed materials. Therefore, they cannot withstand inclement weather and temperature changes. The business owners who installed them end up dealing with a poor-sounding system that grates on customers, and they eventually need a complete replacement.

By contrast, a commercial outdoor speaker system delivers high-quality audio, durability, and longevity. Investing in such technology allows business leaders to feature a rich sound that matches their excellent products and comprehensive options. It also transforms their outdoor space into a luxurious retreat.

What is the Best Outdoor Speaker System?commercial outdoor speaker system Alexandria VA

Professionals at the edge of (or outside) the audio-visual trades can recall household speaker name brands—Polk, Sonos, Bose, Soundcore, and OSD—and even promote them in syndicated media. These endorsements may drive sales but do not always equate with the best outdoor speaker system options. Therefore, address these questions when choosing your audio design:

  • What is the total coverage area?
  • How will the speakers be mounted?
  • Will the speakers experience inclement weather or direct sunlight?
  • Will they be hard-wired or wireless?
  • How many hours per day will the system run?

Decision-makers also need to ensure their purchase makes sense in terms of ROI. For example, a live music venue that extends concerts to an outdoor smoking area might be inclined to go big and add video monitors, increasing their venue’s entertainment value. Alternatively, individuals who own a coffee shop or bistro with outdoor seating might see a sound system as a value-added benefit for patrons. Either way, the decision-makers need the investment to make financial sense.

What to Look for in a Commercial Outdoor Speaker System

The right system for your space must have the ability to provide excellent sound under sometimes less-than-ideal conditions. Approach your search with these things in mind:

  • Material: Outdoor speakers need to be hardier than those installed indoors. The former will be subject to rain, wind, dust, and temperature shifts. You should check which materials are in the speaker’s frames and housing. Classic wood may look nice, but modern plastic materials resist corrosion.

  • Bandwidth: Your speakers must deliver consistent sound levels over time. Specifically, they must not only reach the top-end volume and audio quality needed but also maintain those levels for extended periods. Furthermore, an outdoor speaker system with Bluetooth must have the proper connection to preserve the signal.

  • Aesthetics: Finally, you can consider the aesthetic value of an outdoor sound system in two ways: it can either add to the exterior décor or blend into the background. Color provides pops of eye candy, while black speakers usually go unseen beneath overhangs.

An outdoor speaker system with a subwoofer may suit your space well. Moreover, many modestly sized speakers with Bluetooth capabilities deliver excellent sound quality and fit neatly under soffits and overhangs. Wireless and capable of connecting with wide-reaching devices, they provide the flexibility small and medium-sized business owners prefer.

Commercial Outdoor Speaker System Alexandria, VA

Attempting a commercial outdoor speaker system installation can be confusing and overwhelming. Yet Revelation Services provides product guidance and equipment installations for businesses and residents around Alexandria, VA. Call (703) 677-4187 to learn about our options and get the process started.