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family celebrates football catch in home theater

Football season is just around the corner! Is your home entertainment space ready? Whether you prefer to cheer for your favorite team alone, with friends, or with the entire neighborhood, here are some things to consider to create the perfect football game-watching experience.

The Best TV for Football

The first step in preparing for football season is ensuring you have a high-quality high-definition TV. A professional company such as Revelation Services can help you select the best TV for football games to fit your space and budget. We’ll also install the TV properly and securely by mounting and wiring it correctly. We offer various custom TV mounting options to ensure every seat has a great view!

We can also help calibrate your TV’s settings for prime football game-watching by adjusting the color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness. We’ll show you how to save these settings so you can easily access them in the future.

Optimize Your Sound System

Once your video experience is set, you’ll want a sound system to match. Our professionals can help you select and configure the best audio components, including high-quality surround sound that can make you feel like you’re part of the roaring crowd.

Update Your Home Wi-Fi

If you rely on streaming services for sports content (particularly useful for games that aren’t aired locally), you’ll want to ensure that your TV connects to your Wi-Fi and that your internet is optimized to support uninterrupted streaming. Our experts can help get you the network connections and speed you need so you never miss a moment.

Home Theater: The Ultimate Viewing Experience

You can feel like you’re at the stadium with a custom home theater setup. We do it all, including the seating! Let us help by using our state-of-the-art virtual reality room design planning tool.

Move the Party Outside: Outdoor TV Setup

Why sit indoors when you can watch the game outside? Revelation Services can help you set up an outdoor TV so you can watch the game while lounging on the patio, manning the grill, or even relaxing poolside. We’ll also help you select and install the appropriate outdoor audio components to complete your alfresco game-watching experience.

Plan Today: The Season is Starting Soon

Create the perfect at-home football game-watching experience for the 2022 football season: call Revelation Services at 703-936-6298.