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Projector Screen Installation Services in Silver Spring, MD

Projectors are not an easy purchase. For starters, diverse types—indoor vs. outdoor, entertainment vs. business, and short throw vs. long throw displays—exist to accommodate all needs. Determining the best one for your home or office will take some time. Yet hiring a projector screen installation service can reduce the time needed to set up your projector and allow you to get it running in no time.

Revelation Services offers professional audio and visual installation services in Silver Spring, MD. We provide excellent customer service and attention to detail. Moreover, we use the highest quality products at an affordable price. Call us at (703) 677-4187 or visit our website today to receive a free estimate.

Below, we dive into your projector buying guide:


Portability refers to the comfort associated with setting up your projector and the ease of moving it. One of small projectors’ benefits is the ease of carrying them to different rooms or locations. Additionally, they take up little storage space.

Installing a projector need not be expensive. Revelation Services can do so quickly and with little to no maintenance necessary on your part.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The great thing about home projectors is their utility for indoor and outdoor entertainment. However, if you plan to use your projector in one environment more than the other, consider getting one designed for your purposes.

For an outdoor model, ensure the projector has high brightness to deal with bright lights. You should also consider contrast ratios and resolutions to help deliver crisp image quality. Indoor projectors require medium luminosity for the best image quality. Also, consider how much image “noise” an indoor projector may create. Some models can be quite noisy for an enclosed space.

Entertainment vs. Business

Decide whether your projector is for entertainment (gaming or watching movies) or business purposes (such as PowerPoints). Entertainment requires a projector equipped to play motion pictures and images, which offers the best-quality presentation. Conversely, you may not need the highest quality for business-related purposes since they deal with still images, graphics, and data.


Your budget plays a critical role in the quality of the projector you can purchase. High-quality projectors are typically over $300, sometimes approaching $800 or even $10,000 for a 4k projector (meaning that the screen resolution is 4,000 pixels). Keep your budget in mind while choosing a projector. Doing so can help you find the best value product.


Resolution is key to your projector search as it influences image clarity. You can determine the appropriate projector resolution based on your purposes for it. Projectors for entertainment should have a resolution up to 1820 X 1080 pixels, while projectors for business should have a resolution of 800 X 600 pixels.

If you intend to use your projector for entertainment and business, consider a 4k projector. Such a model can upscale or downscale content to your desired resolution.

Short Throw vs. Long Throw

Short throw projectors deliver great content over short distances—about 8 feet—and can handle large images. They are perfect for small areas of your home, throwing an image on a wall and retaining the image’s quality.

On the other hand, long throw projectors work best for large spaces, producing expansive and clear images. They tend to go in the center of a ceiling because of how large they can make an image. Some individuals like to lie on the ground and watch a movie on a high ceiling with a long-throw projector!


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The sound system of your projector plays a significant role in viewers’ satisfaction. Projectors have built-in speakers for your audio, but not every model delivers good quality. Most people prefer external sound systems to boost the audio quality when watching movies or TV shows.

Projector Screen Installation Services in Silver Spring, MD!

Getting a new projector for your home or office is an exciting purchase. Yet the hassle of installing it need not be on your shoulders. Turn to Revelation Services as your projector screen installation service in Silver Spring, MD. We comprise audio and visual experts who can do anything from mounting your projector to setting up the screen. We customize our services to match your budget and preferences. Call us at (703) 677-4187 or visit our website for a free consultation today.