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Home Audio System Installation in Frederick VA

Deciding on a home audio system was a straightforward exercise in the old days. Only audiophiles worried about wires, connections, bridges, and cabling. Instead, most consumers spent time choosing between two or four-speaker systems and the turntable’s quality. Today, however, a home audio system installation is a much more challenging task as it comes with many more options and possibilities. Most people are overwhelmed when they take on this process without professional support.

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Size Out the Room for a Home Audio System Installation

The first step in this process has nothing to do with speaker options, model selections, or budget ranges. Instead, consider the size of the room wherein the audio system will sit. The room size dictates the clarity of sound, echo, and system performance. A small room needs only a few speakers. Large spaces, however, tend to entail multiple speakers for coverage in the sound spectrum’s high, mid, and low ranges.

A simple rule of thumb hinges on the TV’s size. This guideline comes in handy when the room falls between small and large. A TV over 65 inches calls for multiple speakers. If the TV is smaller than that size, a package with a smaller number of speakers will work better.

Decide the Type of System: Music or Movies

You may have to prioritize music or movies, as the sound balance differs between the two. While all systems offer basic performance settings for both, audio systems tailored to one or the other will enhance that particular experience the best.

Ideally, a music system gives an owner the full range of sound to cover all notes. Movie systems are not as robust because movies involve more talking than an orchestra value. A significant aspect of a music system is the stereo feature which gives the user the “surround effect” with a two-directional design.

Determine the Channel Number

You will need a channel for each speaker in the system. Again, the number of speakers necessary depends on the size of the room where the equipment sits. A simple system will have a minimum of two channels, but most quality audio systems start with a 5.1 setting, 5 channels, and one subwoofer.

Bigger rooms tend to move into the grouping of 7.1 and 9.1, which means more speakers. High-end systems add ceiling speakers, usually in sets of four. So the channel choice would then be 7.1.4 and so on.

Go With a Package or Build

With the above factors determined, the consumer can choose whether to take a pre-assembled package or build a custom system from different components to specific wants. Better known today as plug-and-play systems, these packages install quickly if all the parts are compatible.

Skip the Wires? It Depends

Modern systems add the option of being wireless. This choice has become widely available and works well with digital systems that need to be programmed, use the Internet, and stream entertainment.

The installation is far more flexible with wireless capabilities, as the consumer can place the equipment as they wish. Wired systems, unfortunately, are limited to the extent of the wiring and length. However, wired systems are far more reliable as they don’t have to fight signal reception through disruption or barriers.

Home Audio System Installation with Revelation Services in Frederick, VA

For more advice on how to pick between home audio-system installation choices, Revelation Services can help. We are a dedicated team that provides audio system installation and guidance for all types of homes, facilities, and offices. We are where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched customer service. Call us at (703) 677-4187 or visit our website to schedule a consultation.