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Mounting your television to your wall can save floor space and improve your entertainment experience. However, without the proper knowledge and training, you will struggle to complete this difficult task. Instead, hire professional TV mounting services to ensure your space aligns with your needs.

Revelation Services offers professional television installation services, which use the multi-award-winning MantelMount Pro viewing systems. Residents of Washington, DC, rely on our team to help them accomplish the best viewing experience possible. If you need help deciding on the right TV or placement model, we are happy to help. Call (703) 677-4187 and request a free estimate today.

Below, we discuss several questions that you should answer before having your TV mounted:

1. Can You Plug in All Your Devices?

Many homeowners have several devices connected to their television: gaming systems, cable boxes, streaming devices, and more. If you use such technology, you will need to situation your TV so those devices can hook up to the available output ports.

If you use any smart devices, you may connect them to your television wirelessly. Yet doing so requires you to work with a professional to calibrate your TV and achieve better results, such as higher picture quality and color, energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan.

2. Can You Conceal Your Cords?

If you intend on connecting multiple devices to your TV, consider how you can conceal their cords. Multiple cords sprawling around your TV look rather unappealing, so consider the following solutions:

  • Have professionals conceal them within a wall
  • Utilize a surge protector
  • Purchase a cord-hider or cover

3. Can Your Wall Hold Your TV?

Consider whether your wall can hold the weight of a mounted TV. Although brick and stud walls—the most common types of residential walls—can support this burden, proceeding with caution can help you avoid expensive damages.

Brick walls offer more stability than stud ones but require heavy-duty wall anchors. On the other hand, mounting a TV on a stud necessitates finding an appropriate plasterboard fixing. Consult with our team to determine which TV mounting approach suits you best.

4. Do You Plan on Mounting It over a Fireplace?

Many homeowners mount their television over their fireplace. However, experts consider this spot one of the worst spaces for your TV. When placed above a fireplace, a television offers a poor viewing angle while also sitting off-axis. Hanging it over a fireplace also puts it at risk for damage from heat and soot.

5. Are You Fully Equipped to Mount Your TV?

professional TV mounting services in Washington DC

Gathering all the necessary mounting equipment can be a challenge if you lack previous experience doing so. Most TV mounting projects require a stud finder, drill, and drill bit. If you don’t have the mounting tools and want to avoid purchasing them, request a TV mounting installation from Revelation Services.

6. Are Your Ports Accessible?

Television ports are typically found on the back of the device. Thus, you need to purchase a wall mount that you can pull down and adjust for easy access. Revelation Services offers pull-down mounts for this reason specifically.

MantelMount Pro viewing systems are easy to lower, raise, tilt, and swivel for an optimal viewing experience. Revelation Services is also an authorized dealer of the motorized and fully automated MantelMount Pro MM860.

Professional TV Mounting Available in Washington, DC

If watching TV is a major source of comfort for you, then enhancing your home viewing experience is key. Our technicians can properly mount your television on your wall to provide you with a clutter-free, minimalistic aesthetic. If you would like to upgrade your TV, we can also provide you with a few recommendations. Whatever your needs are, we will surpass your expectations, as we are the top custom TV mounting provider around Washington, DC. Call (703) 677-4187 to schedule your next TV mounting service and receive a free estimate!