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Projector and Screen Installation Alexandria VA

Projectors are an excellent tool for entertainment and education. However, their image quality is subject to the surface they shine on, which makes projector screens as important as projectors themselves. Nevertheless, if you want a high-quality projector and screen installation, work with an expert in audio-visual engineering. 

Revelation Services works with clients throughout Alexandria, VA, and Northern Virginia, helping them set up residential and commercial technical equipment. Our experts perform Wi-Fi optimization, home theater installations, smart home automation, and more. With years of experience and background knowledge, Revelation Services is your go-to company for audio-visual and technical services.

Here, we suggest how to find the right screen for your projector: 

The Importance of a Projector Screen

No matter their intended use, your screen and projector must work well together for great image quality. As mentioned above, the quality of the displayed image depends on the projector and screen. Such elements as the color and the texture of the screen will affect the projected image’s quality. 


Color affects how much light will bounce off the screen as a projector emits an image onto it. Since darker colors absorb light best, dark gray and black screens produce the best images. 

However, lighter colors will allow too much light from the projected image to disperse, which will negatively affect its quality, making them appear brighter than they should.


The texture of the screen also affects image quality. Screens that appear to be rough and coarse tend to distract the viewer and make the projected image appear pixelated or grainy. 

Instead, it is ideal to use screens made of smoother, finer material so the texture matches the level of quality you want from your images. With the right color and texture, your screen can help create the ideal home theater

Aspects of a Good Projector Screen

The color and texture of a projector screen both indicate its quality, but there are other aspects a good projector screen has in addition to them. Here are a few we like to include: 

  • Screen gain – this is an important measurement that indicates the amount of light a particular screen will reflect from the projector. For example, a screen with a screen gain of 1.2 will reflect the 1.2x the brightness of the projected image. The goal is to have a screen that is as close to 1.0 as possible to get the ideal image quality.

  • Ease of Use – Make sure you have a projector screen that is easy to both install and uninstall. You never know when you’ll need to move it somewhere else, like if you’re cleaning the theater room or would like to move the projector and screen outside for outdoor movie nights.
  • Highly Durable – Your first projector screen should be the only one you need, so make sure it’s made of highly durable material. The material should be tear-resistant, and even better, machine-washable. A consistently clean, unblemished screen will ensure you get a similarly unblemished picture. 

How to Get The Best Projector & Screen Installation

Generally, considering the qualities and features we’ve reviewed above can lead you to find the best screen for your home theater system. However, it is difficult to guarantee that you’ll have a perfect projector and screen installation, not unless you get professional assistance. 

An expert audio-visual service like Revelation Services will help you build an installation that provides an optimal viewing experience. We can also provide you with the highest value projectors, screens, sound systems, and more.   

Revelation Services: Projector & Screen Installation in Alexandria, VA

A projector screen is the centerpiece of every theater, whether it be at the cinema or in your home. Making sure you get the highest quality screen ensures the best theater experience you can get. Moreover, by working with an expert from Revelation Services of Alexandria, VA, you can get the highest quality equipment, as well as efficient projector and screen installation services, all at an affordable rate. Furthermore, our team is also composed of professionals in a variety of other technical services, including Wi-Fi Optimization, teleconferencing installation, and much more. Contact us at (703) 677-4187 to learn more about our services and get a free quote today!