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During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people realized how easily they could enjoy a movie theatre experience within their own homes. Luckily, there has never been a better time to upgrade your entertainment system. You can enjoy the latest TV models with 4K resolution, increased color displays, and surround sound speakers. If you are looking for a home AV installation company in Washington, DC, look no further than Revelation Services. 

At Revelation Services, we are happy to assist DC, Maryland, and Virginia residents in all TV, audio, and home automation installations. We have all of the latest technology and experience to help you install the best setup in your home. We are known for our superior service and quality of results when installing AV systems. 

Below, we discuss how to get the best viewing experience at home and why you can trust Revelation Services to help you do so:

How to Create Entertainment Setup

  • Buy a 4K UHD TV

The most recent models of 4K Ultra High Definition provide higher levels of resolution than previous models ever could. These TVs have major advancements in sharpness and clarity, which you may notice at first glance. 

While these TVs can get expensive, they come in more affordable options that range in size and price. This will give you tons of options and it will not be hard to find a high-quality flatscreen for a fair price.

  • Look for HDR and wide color gamut

To achieve the absolute best color quality, you will want a high dynamic range (HDR) television that works with a wide-color garment. HDR creates extreme contrast between dark and light shades, which enhances the intensity of colors and makes images appear photorealistic. The wide color gamut will also help by supplying millions of different color shades to give off a realistic image.

  • Immersive sound

Those who wish to replicate the movie theatre experience should look into an immersive sound system to do so. Recent TV models cannot achieve high sound quality because they are thin and have no room for speakers. The best way to get high-quality sound is to purchase a separate speaker or soundbar. 

The newest sound systems provide sound from all directions. Meaning you will hear noises from the front, sides, behind, and overhead giving you the full theatre experience.

Why Choose Revelation Services

We can assure you that your TV and audio systems are properly installed and calibrated so you can start watching right away. We help our customers select their products, find the best place for installation, and set everything up from start to finish. 

Mounting a large TV on the wall is not an easy task. That is why we are here to do it for you in the most efficient and fastest way. We specialize in installing LCD, Plasma, or the latest LED TV in a way that secures the value of your investment and lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy the best possible home entertainment experience.

We want you to have the absolute best entertainment setup possible and to do so you might need some help. At Revelation Services we can calibrate a system that offers you Dolby Atmos or DTS: X Sound.

We are knowledgeable when it comes to achieving high-quality sound which is why we take room size and speaker location into consideration. Whether you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a rock concert or get the best out of the next movie night, a surround sound system will transform how you listen to media.

Professional Home AV Installation Company in Washington, DC

There is no reason not to upgrade your home entertainment systems. You will not regret the decision when you are relaxing with your family or friends enjoying a movie at home. Those who need a home AV installation company in Washington, DC, can contact us for a free estimate at (703) 936-6298 or fill out the form on our contact page.