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A modem for Wifi optimization services for a home in Rockville MD

In recent years, Wi-Fi speeds and connections have increased significantly, but that doesn’t prevent issues from arising. Indeed, many people experience problems with their home network, including slow connection and or no connection at all. If you need help repairing your network and improving its signal, contact our Wi-Fi optimization experts at Revelation Services in Rockville, MD, for the best outcome.

At Revelation Services, we want to help you choose and install the best network for your home or office. In today’s times, a strong Internet connection is crucial to get work done, so do not settle for a subpar system. Upgrade your coverage without compromising speed or coverage. 

Below, we discuss the most common issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and why you can trust us to help you solve them:

Common Wi-Fi Problems 


1. Slow Connection

Problem: Being too far away from the router. 

Solution: Move closer to the router and, if necessary, place it on a shelf, away from other devices. If those steps do not work, consider installing a second router or powerline network adapters to increase your network’s range. 

Problem: Lack of bandwidth from multiple devices on the same network.

Solution: Disconnect devices that are not currently being used and try plugging devices directly into your router. Also, somebody outside your home could be leeching off of your network; make sure you have the necessary network security. 

Problem: Outdated router. 

Solution: Upgrade your router to one that will meet the standards of your newer devices. 


2. No Internet Connection

Problem: Your connection keeps glitching out. 

Solution: Try “power cycling,” that is, unplugging your router for 30 seconds then plugging it back in.  

Problem: The Internet connection completely disconnects 

Solution: Go to a public location with a stable internet connection, like a coffee shop. Also, reach out to Revelation Services for further assistance.

Why Choose Revelation Services?

Using our specialized system we can map your space and provide you with the strongest internet connection possible. You will be left with seamless connectivity throughout your home without sacrificing any speed. Your devices are only as good as their connection, therefore it is important to have the most dependable Internet signal available.

We will listen to your ideas throughout the design process, inspect your location, then select and install products that accommodate your desires. There will be no guessing when working with our time. We are trained professionals in our field and will make the process as smooth as we can. Let us design you a system that provides you superior connection and you can easily operate 

We believe that our customers deserve the best customer service, quality of work, attention to detail, and top-of-the-line products. That is why we provide exactly that for those who choose to work with us. We take pride in our work, and we want them to get the best prices and proper assistance for their wifi optimization needs.

Get in Touch with Revelation Services: Wi-Fi Optimization Experts in Rockville MD

While your Internet connection can usually hold stable there are still some issues you may be experiencing. At Revelation Services, we are more than happy to assist you with any network issues in your home or office. Those who need Wi-Fi optimization services in Rockville, MD, can contact us for a free estimate at (703) 936-6298 or fill out the form on our contact page.