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Garden Music System Columbia Heights DC

An outdoor sound system is an excellent addition to anyone’s backyard space. However, setting one up is tricky, especially if you lack the necessary technical knowledge. In that case, consider hiring the Columbia Heights, DC, professionals at Revelation Services to install your garden music system in your backyard. 

We provide high-quality sound systems, smart home automation, and much more to both residential and commercial clients across Columbia Heights, DC. Our technicians are trained and practiced in performing all kinds of technical and electronic installations—from home theaters and outdoor sound systems to workplace teleconferencing systems and more. We ensure customer satisfaction by collaborating and communicating with each one every step of the way.

Here’s How You Can Optimize An Outdoor Sound System Setup 

  • Getting the Right Equipment

A sound system is as simple as you make it. You could purchase a simple Bluetooth speaker, but it wouldn’t provide a seamless audio experience across your backyard. High-quality outdoor audio systems require several pieces of equipment, all of which you must gather before setting up. Here are some components to look for:

  • Weatherproof/Weather-Resistant Outdoor Speakers
  • Weatherproof/Weather-Resistant Wiring
  • A/V Receivers
  • Speaker Protectors (Optional) 
  • Mounting Brackets (Optional)

To ensure you get the right equipment for your garden or backyard, consider contacting Revelation Services. Our team can help you get the best components possible and save you the hassle of researching and comparing products.

  • Planning a Proper Setup

Just as important as finding the right equipment is setting up your system. Any electronics technician will tell you that it’s easy to mess up a proper outdoor audio installation due to poor planning.

First, consider the dimensions of your backyard, or rather the specific area you want your sound system installed. This will determine the number of speakers you’ll need, their placement, and the overall price. Smaller areas require two or three speakers for optimal listening experiences, while larger areas need many distributed throughout the backyard.

In all cases, the speakers need to be evenly spread apart for optimal sound, and their wires will have to be treated and buried properly so that they aren’t disconnected or torn out in the future.  

Larger setups involve speakers being placed into separate “zones”, outdoor spaces that act as focal points where families and guests will tend to hang out. Smaller setups are usually the equivalent of a single “zone” and are less complicated. 

With the help of a professional, you’ll be able to plan out where your speakers and other pieces of equipment should go beforehand, which will ensure you’ll have an excellent outdoor sound setup later on.

  • Calibration

After your system setup has been planned and installed, the next thing to remember is that you’ll need to test and calibrate your system so that you get the optimal audio experience from it. Slight adjustments to your planned setup will likely be necessary. 

This part is difficult considering most people aren’t technically savvy enough to know the differences between audio qualities of a good and bad outdoor sound setup. Revelation Services provides system calibration services. After finally calibrating your system, your outdoor sound system should be set up and ready to go. 

Revelation Services: Excellent Garden Music System Setup in Columbia Heights, DC

Those are the steps to build and further improve a quality outdoor sound system for your home so that it will function perfectly and without issues in the future. These steps are what make up our project process for putting together custom garden music systems for our residential and commercial clients in the Columbia Heights, DC, area. In addition, we do our best to bring the same level of detail and reliability to the many installation services we provide—from home security setups, home theater installations, smart home automation, and more. Contact us at (703) 677-4187  to find out how we can help you perform a complex audio-visual setup today!