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commercial a/v installation at a business meeting in Bethesda, MDAs companies rely more and more on commercial technologies, cooperation between machines and people grows increasingly necessary. Thus, outdated office devices should be replaced by innovative tools; for instance, switch out projectors for wireless presentation displays (WPD). This latter option offers a simple design, diverse uses, and opportunities for collaboration. It and other commercial audio visual installations can support your office’s growth into a productive future.

If you have an office in or around Bethesda, MD, reach out to Revelation Services for commercial audio visual installation. We believe in a simple principle: customers should receive top-notch products, excellent services, and useful knowledge about their purchases. While large electronics retailers struggle to fulfill this goal, Revelation’s hands-on approach allows our team to meet it. That’s why customers provide consistent positive reviews for us.

Below, we discuss how your office can benefit by updating to a WPD:

Why You Should Invest in a Wireless Presentation Display

  1. Simple and elegant design
    For those unfamiliar with it, a WPD is akin to a projector or interactive whiteboard set-up. However, those devices come with mechanical limitations. Projectors require regular maintenance and calibration, while interactive whiteboards often come with unnecessary features and call for close user proximity.By contrast, the design of WPDs fills the gap between projectors and interactive whiteboards. They offer a single-device, integrated solution that allows multiple users to connect and share content on-screen. Plus, their wireless capabilities mean that users can skip the logistics of cables or manual connections. Careful set-up makes your meeting space collaborative and straightforward.
  2. Versatile applications in numerous settings
    As indicated above, WPDs suit spaces where multiple users can connect and share content. So, what might that include? Beyond meeting rooms, you might use them in conference halls, small or midsize classrooms, shopping centers, and more. Wireless connections facilitate an adaptable approach and various uses.But no matter where you use a WPD, you must ensure that your technology can support it. Specifically, investigate the cabling in your home, office, or store – can it work with new technology? Contact Revelation Services to ensure your cabling supports a WPD and allows full functionality.
  3. Streamline set-up and engagement
    When a group of students or co-workers come together for a class or meeting, they invest valuable time. A WPD makes the most of it by simplifying both set-up and a large group’s engagement. Where calibration and manual connections take away from that shared time, a WPD requires neither.
  4. Easier for an IT department/specialist to manage
    To keep business running smoothly, large organizations keep an IT department on staff while small ones call specialists. But no matter which option you use, a WPD’s wireless connectivity makes their job easier. An IT worker can reconfigure the system or share content wirelessly this way – they need not manually address every problem.

Commercial Audio Visual Installation Available Now in Bethesda, MD

As your business continues to grow more technology-reliant, it requires commercial audio visual installation from professionals. Revelation Services can provide it and a full range of services: whole home audio, home theater services, etc. We aim for complete customer satisfaction every time we take on a project, and we work across Bethesda, MD. Call us today at (703) 677-4187 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.