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Home Theater Projector Installation Silver Spring MD

Screen projectors and surround sound used to solely belong to movie theaters and high-end screening rooms. Nowadays, affordable models of this technology exist on the market, affording ordinary families access to home theater projector installation. With a personal projector, you can enjoy enhanced image size, reduced eye strain, and a greater screen value.

If you’re looking for an exciting new feature in your home, contact Revelation Services® for a home theater projector installation. Our staff is committed to outstanding customer service, which they deliver through top-notch products and thorough expertise. We provide electronics installation and repair services in Silver Spring, MD, and throughout the DC metro area. Avoid the shoddy equipment and service of major retailers – rely on Revelation Services® to fulfill your home entertainment needs. 

Below, we describe the advantages that a home theater projector provides over a conventional TV screen: 

Home Theater Projector Benefits

  1. Customizable screen size
    While a big-screen TV can impress people through appearance alone, you take a gamble in purchasing one. If you find its size or image quality lacking, you’re stuck with it. But you can adjust a projector image’s size and clarity depending on its setting. And since it does not require a specific frame size, you can re-adjust it endlessly.

    Want a huge picture for a blockbuster movie? Or a small one to fit a cozy space? One projector can do both – and you can put its image on any flat surface! Many projector owners also find themselves installing a screen dedicated for viewing.

  2. Reduces eye strain
    Since projectors tend to produce larger images than traditional screens, they require less eye strain to watch. Small images force viewers to move close to their screen and struggle to focus on cramped pictures.

    Additionally, projectors reduce eye strain through their use of light. Viewers look at emitted light while watching traditional TVs but reflected light from projectors. The latter makes less impact on the human eye.

  3. Compactness & Portability
    While the size of a large-screen TV can impress a lot of people, it also limits the device’s mobility and utility. A laptop-sized projector, however, can make a large image on a variety of surfaces. Its relatively compact housing opens up possibilities for application.

    While you could install your projector permanently into your ceiling, you could also use it as a portable device. Move it around your house, between houses, or even into your backyard! In the same vein, projectors tend to be lighter than TVs. The only limit becomes proximity to an electrical outlet.

  4. Value: Cost vs. Benefits
    As with any other product, you want your TV to fulfill your expectations. However, consider the benefits of a home projector against the drawbacks and price of a traditional TV. While you can find expensive projectors on the market, they tend to cost less than comparable TVs. Thus, you can enjoy a more versatile product for less money.

    Furthermore, a projector can work in settings outside the home. Need a screen in your office? Revelation Services® offers digital projector installation in workplaces, along with the necessary screen and wiring setup. 

Professional Home Theater Projector Installation – Available in Silver Spring, MD

Bring the movie theater experience into your home: call Revelation Services® for home theater projector installation in Silver Spring, MD. Revelation offers superior customer services and products to all the major retailers, and we work until you are satisfied. Along with projectors, we provide Wi-Fi optimization, smart home automation, surround sound, whole-home audio, and further services. Reach out to us today at (703) 677-4187 or fill out our online form for a free estimate.