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Monitor Plugs For A Quality Audio-Video Installation

Office managers looking to revitalize their workplace after quarantine can do so by refitting it with new equipment. Their conference spaces, in particular, could benefit by receiving state-of-the-art audio-video (AV) setups. But how do you plan a commercial audio-video installation? And what equipment would suit your staff? 

For answers, reach out to Revelation Services®. We provide solutions for TV and audio needs throughout Chevy Chase, MD, and the surrounding area. Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service and products that fit your budget and needs. Below, we outline some common questions (and responses) to the AV setup process: 

Audio Video Setup Questions

  1. How should I plan a new AV setup in my office’s conference room?
    Consider your office’s conference room space and how you want to see it improved. For example, would an interactive screen increase productivity and collaboration? Also, use this opportunity to upgrade your office’s cabling so that your new system works as well as advertised.  
  2. What size and kind of screen should I buy?
    We all want the most bang for our buck, and the market for screens has several great options. Cost-effective, standard-quality TVs last for 3-4 years (when used regularly) while higher-quality models work longer but cost more. Specifically, a commercial-grade screen can cost 2 or 3 times more than a consumer-grade one.

    When choosing a screen size, consider your conference room’s setup and its TV’s uses. Will it present data for a large audience? Would you rather have a touch screen for small groups to use? The first option requires a large screen while the second could work with a much smaller one.  
  3. How can I improve video and audio quality for video conferencing?
    As we’ve all seen on video-conferencing platforms, it can be overwhelming to have several people on one call. When multiple participants speak at once, it becomes difficult to hear any one person. Plus, consumer-grade cameras are heavily impacted by shifts in light levels.

    Solutions for these issues depend on your conference room’s conditions. A few people can make a single computer mic or phone work, but large groups call for more. You may need multiple microphones in the ceiling or on the table. Likewise, the room’s physical conditions can be set for computer cameras.  
  4. Can I just re-use legacy equipment?
    If you have old TVs or other AV equipment, you may be able to use them in your new conference room setup. However, it will depend on the condition of that equipment. If you aim to revitalize your workspace, a clunky TV or glitchy microphone won’t serve that purpose. Lightly-used tech, however, could still function well.  
  5. How should I create a budget for the AV equipment?
    If you don’t already know, AV equipment can get expensive. But you must weigh that factor against your goal of upgrading the conference space. So rather than asking, “What’s the best I can get for the cheapest price?” consider your goals for upgrading. Then, work with Revelation to find a reasonable budget that fits those goals.  
  6. What recent trends have you noticed in AV?
    Outside of conference rooms, we see AV equipment used in daily tasks more often. Self-select menus, scheduling platforms, data integration, and advertisements rely on this technology. The benefit here is that widespread usage drives down the technology’s price, which suits everyone’s budget. 

Revelation Services®’ Advantages

We believe that today’s mass retailers in audio and video equipment offer limited benefits. Customers must often contend with inexperienced staff and high prices for mixed results. We want to do better, so we keep our team up-to-date and always stand behind our work. 

Our services for commercial spaces suit the increasing pace and uncertainty of today’s workplaces. We deliver faster wireless connections, better AV quality, and advanced tools for smarter collaboration. Your business must meet every challenge, and Revelation can help you navigate them. 

Commercial Audio Video Installation Available Now in Chevy Chase, MD

While we continue looking forward to a return to offices, seize the moment to upgrade your workspace. Reach out to Revelation Services® for professional commercial audio-video installation and reinvigorate your team. Revelation provides insight and installation for TV, audio, Smart technology, and more in and around Chevy Chase, MD. Call us today at (703) 677-4187 or fill out our online form for a free estimate!