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New television in Bethesda MD home in need of a quality TV Calibration

Within the past decade, we’ve seen the commercial market for home televisions rapidly grow and advance, offering massive screen sizes and crystal-clear imaging. However, with their advancements come technical specifications that require in-depth knowledge and installation. By hiring a TV installation professional, you’ll get every benefit your TV has to offer, along with an easy and organized set-up.

Revelation Services is among the top tech service companies in the Northern Virginia area. We assist numerous residents and businesses with home automation installations, conference room audio and video setups, high-quality TV calibration, and more. Our team has worked in Alexandria and throughout Northern Virginia, optimizing home and office tech to their highest level of efficiency and quality.

Here are a few reasons why you should have a professional calibrate your TV:

Better Picture & Color

The biggest benefit you get out of having your TV professionally calibrated is that you’re getting the best quality picture. While most new television sets these days are reliably pre-calibrated, it doesn’t mean they are at their highest potential.

An expert calibrator will first set the contrast and brightness of your television so that it fits within your particular viewing environment, such as a home theater, living room, or bedroom. They’ll also ensure your screen has the correct black level, which ensures your picture has the right level of shadows, as well as more accurate picture quality. 

While you can tinker with these are elements yourself, the calibrator also adjusts one very important aspect as well: the color temperature of your screen. The color temperature is hard to set just by eye alone – your TV calibrator will be able to measure and set the color temperature of your TV according to its standards.

Consistent With Film & TV Standards

One of the things calibration specialists do is set TVs to their highest quality settings, including the color temperature to the D6500 standard. This standard is held across many television shows and film productions. This ensures that all movies and tv broadcasts have a uniform appearance that doesn’t require viewers to change their settings while switching from one channel or film to the next. 

By hiring a professional TV calibrator, you’re not only getting the best picture but the best viewing experience out of your TV, watching newfound and longtime favorite shows of films precisely how the creators wanted you to view it. 

Higher Efficiency & Longer Lifespan

Finally, a proper TV calibration doesn’t just provide a higher quality viewing experience. You also make your television more energy-efficient by having it set at its most optimal settings. This way, it will produce lower light output and thus draw less power. 

In addition, another benefit of this efficiency is that your television will have a longer life-span. This is because the optimized settings lessen the amount of work and strain on the light-producing components of the TV’s systems, thus ensuring they work less and last long. Thus, calibrating your TV saves you energy and money by taking longer before needing to purchase a replacement. 

Revelation Services: Expert TV Calibration in Bethesda, MD

More and more TVs and monitors are regularly becoming 4K and higher, the advances just keep coming. Though these are generally better quality TV’s, getting the best out of them requires a little more than adjusting the user settings. If you are interested in getting the best viewing experience and efficiency for your TV or home entertainment system, consider getting an experienced TV calibration service from Revelation Services. 

Our technicians are highly-trained and certified in setting up all kinds of business and home technology setups, whether it be smart home automation installations, Wi-Fi optimization, surround sound setups, and so much more. Contact us today at for more information about our high quality TV calibration services.