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a mesh router for a whole home wifi installation in Bethesda, MD

Before wireless Internet, many homeowners were content with a single computer and a dial-up connection. But now, cable networks are relics – instead, Wi-Fi signals rule. One of Wi-Fi’s many benefits is the freedom it affords: your Internet usage can extend outside a cable connection’s reach. So why not make use of that full potential? 

If your house has any Wi-Fi “dead spots” – places with limited or no reception – then reach out to Revelation Services®. We aim, above all else, to provide outstanding customer service with high-quality products and valuable expertise. Our services include whole home Wi-Fi optimization, “smart” home automation, video/audio installations, and much more. A leader in home and office technology, Revelation works in Bethesda, MD, and across the DC metro region. Our past clients laud our professional work, personable approach, and honest insights.

Below, we discuss how whole home Wi-Fi overcomes network limits as well as the benefits it provides: 

What Limits Wi-Fi Networks?

You’ve probably noticed that your home’s network cannot be found in a restaurant or an office across town. That’s because its signals have a limited range. Much like a sound wave, a wireless network’s range depends on its overall strength and its surroundings. 

First, the Wi-Fi signals that your Wi-Fi router broadcasts will weaken over distance, a phenomenon known as path loss. Just how far the signals go depends on the router’s power, its data rate, and its bandwidth. In general, the higher a signal’s data rate, the shorter its reach. 

Furthermore, physical settings affect Wi-Fi signals as well. Solid items in particular can limit the range that wireless signals travel. Thus, signals will penetrate walls made of wooden studs and plaster much better than those of solid concrete. 

How Whole Home Wi-Fi Overcomes Limits

With those limitations in mind, we turn to whole-home Wi-Fi. Also referred to as “mesh Wi-Fi systems,” this technology provides strong wireless signals throughout homes through two or more access points

Essentially, an access point (or “node”) either replaces or connects to your wireless router. Then, it shares your router’s internet signal with the other access points it can reach. And the more access points in range, the more their signals crisscross – and the greater their coverage. 

Mesh networks work better than Wi-Fi range extenders because nodes use separate bands to receive and send signals. Range extenders, however, use one band to receive and bounce signals. As an added benefit, nodes have ethernet ports that devices can connect to.

Further Benefits

In other posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of smart home automation. But such systems require a Wi-Fi connection to access the internet. So, to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant away from your wireless router, you’ll need whole home Wi-Fi coverage. 

But full Wi-Fi coverage need not be limited to homes. Smart technology is appearing increasingly in offices, and so those locations would benefit from greater Wi-Fi coverage as well.

Finally, the incorporation of whole home Wi-Fi may be the motivation you need to upgrade your house’s cabling. Old wiring can struggle to support the demands of new technology. However, incorporating a home mesh system may call for new wiring. 

Transform Your Household With Whole Home Wi-Fi – Available in Bethesda, MD

A stable, reliable Wi-Fi network throughout your home is no longer just a luxury. With smart technology’s role increasing in daily life, a consistent connection is a necessity. Invest in your future now: contact Revelation Services® about whole home Wi-Fi installation. Our work throughout Bethesda, MD, and the DC metro area has won us acclaim and lifelong customers. Enjoy our outstanding customer service: call us at (703) 677-4187 or fill out our online form for a free estimate!