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Proper Cabling Is The Backbone of All New Tech

In many homes, old wiring is impeding your new technology. Slow load times and poor connectivity can make your home office a headache. And you can buy all the latest cinematic toys for your media room, but they won’t perform as promised if your HDMI cables are incapable of handling what your new television can display

Is your new tech giving you problems?

  • Do you see pixelation on your HD television?
  • Does your home office have spotty Wi-Fi, even with an extender in the room?
  • Are long loading times killing your streaming experience?
  • Are your new devices not performing the way they did in commercials?

If you’re going to invest in the latest technology for your home, you need to invest in what’s in your walls.

Get Your Tech’s Full Potential

Unless you’re living in a home built after 2018, your wiring probably can’t fully support today’s devices. Most homes are still wired like they were in the 1970s. Sophisticated devices struggle to work at full capacity when forced to rely upon coaxial cables instead of Cat6 cables or fiber.

Don’t make household members fight for bandwidth. Whether providing daily support for everyone’s devices, building a home theater, or ensuring your home office supports maximum productivity, making the switch to updated cabling gives you the foundation you need to enjoy today’s (and tomorrow’s) tech. 

Consult with Revelation Services® to find out how to upgrade your cabling to best support your tech. Whether a one-day installation to create a media room, or a whole house upgrade for connectivity in every room, we’re here to help you get the best out of your home and technology.

Builders: Construct a Better future

If you’re not wiring for modern needs, you’re losing potential profits. Make your properties more valuable with cabling that’s designed for current technology. Consult with Revelation Services® to make proper cabling part of your residential or commercial construction process.