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We live in a modern, technological age where our laptops, TVs, and phones are “smart,” and as time goes on, they’re proving to be almost as intelligent as us. It’s no surprise that our society is advancing towards “smart homes.” Also known as “home automation” or “home control systems,” they offer us control of the technical amenities in our homes, including our music, TV, lighting, security, surveillance, climate, window treatments, pool/spa, and more.


At Revelation Services®, we offer our years of professional experience to residents throughout Northern VA.  We have expertise in television, sound system, and smart home automation installation services . We understand that your home is a private space for you and your family, so we ensure that our services are completed without any complications, bringing you unmatched customer satisfaction. 


Below, we discuss what you should consider about smart home automation for your home: 

Control at Your Fingertips 

The advantage of having a “smart home” is that you have control of each of your home’s smart-enabled devices at your finger-tips. One of the main reasons why families are hesitant in installing smart home control systems in their house is because it is both expensive and intimidating. However, at Revelation Services®, we offer our customers the best pieces of smart home technology that will be both easily accessible and affordable. 

Professionally-Installed or DIY

It’s wise to consider all of the various systems on the market and how they may or may not connect to your internet and Wi-Fi. If you are technologically advanced, you’ll probably find the installation process easy, but if you’re unsure about the process then you might consider hiring professionals to help you. This also saves you a lot of time and aggravation. A well-trained technician should be able to install it correctly the first time without any hiccups in the future and can also advise you on what type of features are best for your home’s devices. 


When you are shopping for a smart home system, it’s important to consider which system you’d like along with your budget and expectations. When you hire an electronics professional, they can determine your needs and recommend a system that works best for you. Ideally, you want a system that can update and easily adapt to your family’s lifestyle and needs. 

Virtual Control

User Interface is the virtual system where you’ll be able to control all of your smart devices in your home, usually through an app on your smartphone, with some systems that are more well-designed, user-friendly, and customizable than others. You can even decide if you want a system that responds to voice commands. Other system functions include shutting off porch lights, dimming down lamps, locking or unlocking doors, playing and pausing music, and affecting a number of other features throughout your home from anywhere, even far away from your house.  

Revelation Services®: The Best Smart Home Installation Service in Northern VA

With the upturn in ubiquitous technology and control systems, it’s important that families feel they’re up-to-date with their home’s technical devices. Our professional team of technicians can advise you on which systems are best for your house, tying them to your own preferences, then provide you with our excellent smart home automation installation services. To our fellow residents throughout Northern VA, we give fair prices and personalized service like no other company in the area, and  committed to only installing high-quality devices. If you’re interested in creating a “smart home,” contact us at (703) 677-4187 or fill out our form to receive a free estimate today.