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Technology continues to adapt and evolve to best suit our needs, and automated smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Smart homes allow household members to control most features of their home with a push of a button from almost any device. They often control the lights, windows, fans, audio systems, and even provide security. Revelation Services® is proud to offer smart home automation installation services in Northern Virginia. We offer the latest home technological advancements that will help you create the home of your dreams. With our smart home automation, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of technology while maintaining your security. Below we list the differences between a professional and D.I.Y smart home installation:


By installing smart home devices yourself, you have the advantage to choose exactly where it is placed and what brands you want to use. If you decide later that you want to add more lights, or you want to extend your network to include smart plugs, door locks, or something else, you can easily do that by purchasing and installing more equipment. You can also choose to install it yourself but have a company monitor it for you. This can include 24/7 security that can contact you or the police if a break-in occurs. However, they may require you to have a certain type of device to provide their service. 

Professional Installation & Monitoring

Having a professional install smart home devices will give your home professional monitoring and ease of mind. You won’t need to install or maintain these devices. All you have to do is call your service provider and they’ll send a tech to do it all for you. However, you will have less control over the system and installation process by having a professional do it. You may not get to choose the specific components of the system and you might also have to settle for the company’s standard installation process rather than a fully custom DIY setup.

Expert Smart Home Automation Installation In Northern Virginia

Looking for smart home automation installation? Let the professionals at Revelations Services help, we will guide you through our efficient process. We are dedicated to providing impeccable customer service, quality work, and attention to detail. We are passionate about giving you and your family top-of-the-line products, whether you use us to install a television, projector, or telephone system.


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