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Having a home theater system is a fun and captivating feature of many homes across the U.S. but can be quite complicated in the way it needs to be set up. The visual aspect of a theater system is simple, with a large projection screen or television placed on one side of the room and a number of seats on the opposite side facing it. However, your theater’s sound system is much more complicated, as the audio quality depends on a variety of factors. While it can be easy to connect and place all in the same room, improperly adjusting these aspects of your sound system may lower the quality of your home theater experience which is why we offer expert home audio repair services as well.

At Revelation Services®, we know the value and use of every piece of audio-visual equipment on the market today. Our customers throughout Ashburn, VA, and Northern Virginia get the best results from their A/V systems after we provide our expert services in installations, setups, home audio repair, and optimization. Among our most important and requested services are our professional home theater calibrations. Here are some aspects of your home theater system that our technicians improve during a calibration:   

Speaker Level

The most important component of your entire home theater system is your A/V receiver, which essentially connects every piece of audio and visual equipment which comprises your theater system and balances the numerous settings that each one has, so that you get the most out of it. 

In order to have an effective sound system, you will likely have multiple speakers connecting to the receiver. Through the receiver, each individual speaker will need to have their levels set properly, according to their position in the room. 

Your calibration specialist will test the sound quality from each individual speaker and equalize them so that they produce sound at the same time and at the same volume, create an ideal sound experience whenever you are watching a film or show in your home theater.      

Speaker Distance

To further optimize your sound system, our technicians also keep in mind the speaker distance- both in the physical and technical sense. Each speaker in your sound system will likely be placed at different distances from where you are seated. If their settings don’t account for this, then the sound output of each individual speaker will reach your ear at different times instead of all at once. Measuring and configuring the distance settings for each speaker will adjust their sound output so that each one will have a slight delay, releasing sounds at the correct moment so that they’ll produce a seamless audio experience. 

Speaker Size

The size of a speaker is another factor our audio experts work on when performing a home theater calibration. And by “size”, we don’t just mean the physical size of the speaker but also the sound frequencies that it deals with. Larger speakers are usually able to produce low and high frequency sounds, while smaller speakers can only create high frequency sound. 

Moreover, most homeowners prefer their speaker space to be very minimal, thus they’re less likely to purchase bulkier speakers. If you only intend to buy small speakers, you should consider purchasing a subwoofer as well, as that is meant to produce low frequency sound in the absence of any low-frequency speakers in your theater.

Revelation Services®: Precise Home Theater Calibrations & Home Audio Repair in Ashburn, VA

The setup of a home theater system is an intricate and complex web of wires, equipment, and settings upon settings that require fine-tuned adjustments, all to ensure that your home theater looks and sounds like you’re having a night at the movies. Installing and adjusting it all so that it works perfectly is lengthy and difficult, especially when you are undergoing a home theater calibration

For a fast installation and calibration and home audio repairs, call on a team of audio-visual experts, like Revelation Services®, to turn a bundle of cords and boxes into your dream home theater. We have served residents across Ashburn, VA, as well as Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., receiving high customer satisfaction from our quality service and professional attitude.

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