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If you have a nice backyard, a beautiful deck, or a stunning patio, then an outdoor speaker and music system can maximize your satisfaction with your space. Making improvements to your backyard may be a daunting task but it will further improve your lifestyle and comfort in your living space. By adding an outdoor audio system, you will make your yard work, cookouts, and summer parties much more enjoyable. Our experts specialize in installing the best outdoor music systems in the industry and can help turn your backyard into an entertainment hub.


Let Revelation Services® help guide you through the process of your outdoor speaker system installation in Bethesda, Maryland. We understand that it can be overwhelming to decide which devices will make the best investment. That’s why we welcome your questions on how to pick out the best outdoor speakers, speaker protection, brackets, subwoofers, AV receivers, and more. We offer high quality, safe installment, and increased entertainment value to your home. To help you determine if an outdoor audio system is best for your home, here are the three main advantages that outdoor speakers can offer you:

Withstands the Elements 

Outdoor speakers are designed to withstand a variety of elements. Although no speaker is completely weatherproof, many can handle a light rain shower, wind, and some temperature extremes. They are even designed to cut through the wind, so you’ll never miss a beat. Have your backyard filled with music and sound all year long, making your space more enjoyable.


Have your outdoor speaker make a statement by camouflaging it into your landscaping. You can have your speakers be designed to look like rocks, hang from the ceiling or canopy, or any number of options that work with your space. There are endless ways you can customize your speakers to bring the most to your backyard.

Endless Possibilities 

Outdoor speakers can be used in a variety of places in your backyard from outdoor TVs, projectors, swimming pools, the options are endless. All you have to do is pair your device with Bluetooth to have portable music play. They are convenient, durable, and still play a high-quality sound thanks to the incorporation of modern technologies with today’s best outdoor speakers.

Revelation Services® Offer Outdoor Audio Installation in Northern VA

The benefits of using outdoor speakers are numerous at Revelation Services®, whether it is wired or wireless, you can design a system that meets your needs. Trust our professionals at Revelation Services® for your outdoor audio installation. Our priority is to help you create an outdoor audio system that fits your specific needs and provide you with hours of entertainment right outside your backdoor. 


Allow Revelation Services® to bring music into your backyard. Contact us today at (703) 677-4187 to receive a free estimate on an outdoor audio installation!