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Smart home automation is just one of the results of technological advancement and is growing in popularity. With a smart home automation installation, homeowners will be able to have more control over different aspects of their home such as their security, lighting, HVAC, and entertainment systems. The choices are unlimited, especially with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant integration, and with the right home automation installation company, you will be able to find the right system to suit your needs.

Revelation Home Services provides smart home automation services to residents in Northern Virginia. Our team is dedicated to giving our customers quality products and efficient installation services with the hope that they receive the highest level of comfort in their home. We can accommodate a client’s lifestyle needs to make their home more functional for them to use. Below we have provided four reasons why you should consider installing a smart home automation system in your home.

Increased Security

Having a home automation installation will increase your home’s security and give you peace of mind, especially when you can’t remember if you locked all the doors and windows at night or when you are away for the weekend. You will be able to control your door locks, as well as indoor and outdoor lighting, all via a mobile device.  You can also schedule home features to ensure a safe home environment, and set up alerts for when the unexpected occurs. Integrating a voice-command assistant such as Alexa or Google will also make your home automation much easier since both systems connect to multiple smart devices.


You can remotely shut off appliances as well as the power to your home with your smartphone. When you are away for the weekend, you can set your thermostat to adjust at certain times or whenever you see fit. Alexa or Google Assistant will track your home usage and create energy-saving routines just for you. This means no more wasting time powering off appliances or driving back home to lock your door because you will be able to do it all at the convenience of your smartphone.

More Savings

By increasing your home savings with a home automation, the results will be immediate! While a smart home automation will increase your home savings, it will overall save you more time and money. Instead of having to do certain tasks, you can command your integrated virtual assistant to monitor your home and determine the best way to use energy so you don’t need to.

Simple to Use

As long as you have a smartphone, you and your family will have a breeze adjusting the features to suit everyone’s needs. By setting up Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa in your home automation system, it will maximize the amount you can control in your home. Google Assistant can control numerous household devices and even create a routine system to increase your quality of life. Alexa and Google both make home automation integration much easier since they provide a simple interface that anyone can use. There’s no need to ask neighbors or friends to watch your home while you’re away when you can do it yourself!

Choose Home Revelation Services® for your Smart Home Automation Installation in Northern Virginia

Revelation Home Services is delighted to provide smart home automation and other home installation services to residents all throughout the Northern Virginia area. While it provides homeowners with more control over their home features inside as well as outside, it also gives them a sense of ease which will help them live a more peaceful life. Technology these days enables us to have more control over devices and makes it easier to utilize and adjust everything in our home. A Revelation Home Services expert can install a quality smart home automation system to provide you and your family with a better security system, more comfort, and increase energy savings.

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